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London By William Blake

I have to do an essay on this poem but i'm struggling to map my work. My teacher want a key question with minimum 2 parts with 3 sub part this is what i got

So my key question is How does Blacke critizes London's monarchy through a childish poem?

PART I -> a childish poem because a) it's talked about them b) it's short, short sentences b) Blake loves to take children's point of view

PART II -> critizes of London's government a) church is getting more and more black b) it makes people suffers face are 'marks of weakness" c) child labour

I don't really like my key question and my parts can you help me mapping my work ? pleasse

Hello! I would perhaps consider changing the question to 'What effect does Blake's use of child like writing techniques have on his critique of the British monarchy in his poem 'London'?'Hopefully that will help you attack it from a better angle x
Katie C.
28 October 2016
I have studied this poem so let me know if you need any help!
08 April 2018
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