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Romeo and Juliet

  I am currently studying Romeo and Juliet and soon will be having a controlled assessment about the play, I have to look at who was most responsible for Romeo and Juliet's deaths and the problems they faced during the play, I know there's a lot of people who are responsible for there deaths, as well as the many problems Romeo and Juliet faced but I can't narrow them down.

Sometimes the reasoning behind such a question is that you have to evaluate and assess and then make your own judgement: often there is no right or wrong answer. It may well be that you conclude there are certain individuals who are more to blame or you might decide that a combination of people and factors played a role. The key point will be to explain your reasoning and support it with examples. Putting forward a reasoned argument, supported with evidence, will likely serve you better than trying to find a single straightforward answer. Hope this helps and good luck with your assessment!
21 January 2011
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