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pls explain why sometimes I have to use 's and other times it is s'

You always put the apostrophe at the end of the word and the s after that, but if there is already an s at the end of the word you can leave it off. So if the word ends in s (including plurals) just an ', if it doesn't then add 's. For Example: The boy's ball was lost. (One boy owned a ball which was lost) The boys' ball was lost. (More than one boy owned a ball which was lost)
10 December 2010
"The Complete Plain Words" by Ernest Gowers is always worth having on the bookshelf for situation like this ...
13 December 2010
The apostrophe S shows possession (Charles’s ball), but if the word is a plural that ends in S we put the apostrophe after it (parents’ house) - hope that helps!
Mandy bentley
18 December 2020
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