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Direct speech about respect

Can i kindly get assistance with direct speech topic is respect, audience 16-18 years

Can i kindly receive assistance of a direct speech the topic is respect , audience is 16-18 years?
05 May 2016
Do you mean a speech about respect? Or writing direct speech about respect (which is basically using inverted commas to show what people are saying).If you want to give a speech on respect here are some points to consider:What is respect?Why is respect important?Give examples of why respect is important.How does having respect help our society?What would our society be like if we didn't respect each other?Those are some thoughts. If you decide what direction you want your speech to take, or you have more information, let me know.
Ros F.
06 May 2016
Do you mean how to teach direct speech to students?
19 May 2016
Respect is a key ethical principle and it has implications for humans and our complex social interactions. Mutual respect can lead to greater trust and increased transparency in dialogues. In turn, these positives result in more effective communication, greater understanding and better relationships. Try to think about what respect is, when it is needed and how it can influence society in a positive way, and how a lack of respect effects relationships negatively. 
Ryan M.
14 June 2016
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