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Can anyone give me some tips on how to write essays in general, such as; writing in-depth analysis; writing to argue; stuff like that?

Chloe is able to provide help on essay writing, structure etc; click on this link: https://tutorhub.com/users/chloe or click on the big green button "see all our tutors .. "
29 November 2011
There's lots to talk about here - eg reading the question carefully and being sure to cover each bit in your answer. Depending on what subject you are dealing with, the 'in-depth analysis' will be different. Writing to argue - you'd want to look at putting arguments on each side, and being balanced. I'd be happy to do a private session with you on this, if you would like.
29 November 2011
I would also suggest that you think about planning the structure of your essay. Your introduction should introduce what you are about to write about and your conclusion should effectively answer the essay title by summarising the points you have discussed. There are many strategies I could help you with in terms of essay structure but it would be a good idea for you to start practising the PEE technique. This means Point, Evidence and Explanation. In other words, you make a point or write about an idea, back it up with evidence or examples to support that point/idea and then explain why that particular point or idea is relevant to the title. Each sentence should link smoothly to the next one and similarly, each paragraph should flow coherently into the next one. You can do this by following the PEE advice above and by having both an opening and a closing sentence for each paragraph. Please do get in touch if you would like an online tuition session or a one to one meeting to refine your essay writing skills.
03 December 2011
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