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reading skills

what are the key reading skills required for every student?

Hi there, if it is for GCSE you will need to understand what the writer is suggesting and look out for key presentational features. Here is a short list of the kinds of skills you need to demonstrate:Identify purpose and audience What the writer is saying in the textHow the writer uses languagePresentational features used for effect
Sim H.
22 December 2016
In my opinion:* Decoding*Comprehension*Fluency*Accuracy Dianne Ross
Dianne R.
24 January 2017
The key reading skills I know about are:scanning and scheming.Scanning(like how a scan works) is getting or reading everything in the text or book in concern.In other words,you should not miss out a thing.Scheming is like revising.Just pick out the main points.This is most done by students that are very brilliant,listen and understand what the teacher is teaching them and those that teach their colleagues because it's in their memory already while the scanning is done by dull students or partially brilliant since they find it hard to grab things easily.
27 April 2018
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