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What do you find most difficult about English?

I would love to hear what students find most difficult about English...

Hello Rachel,I would say that I find developing my opinion to a minute level to be one of the most challenging aspects of English. When writing an essay, I am always conscious of trying to ensure I use precise words which accurately express what I am trying to articulate. This is not easy when one considers the duplicity of meanings words can have. I think it can also be difficult to strike the right balance between arguing with a confident voice whilst acknowledging considerations which might undermine your argument, without this seeming counter-productive and contradictory. But, this said, I think these challenges make English a very rewarding subject to study, as it probes students to ask themselves deep questions about why they think what they do, and challenges them to find their voice amidst a wealth of literary criticism.I hope this helps!Emily
Emily G.
30 July 2019
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