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Reflective account

How can I start an reflective account on personal care

Your question could do with more detail in order to give a more specific answer, however I will attempt to give some ideas based on writing a reflective journal as a counsellor.The basis of reflective writing is to reflect inwardly, and to write honestly about your own thoughts, experiences and feelings as those develop. Often as you reflect more deeply and start to think about your subject (in your case I assume this is personal care) you will star to notice connections between the subject and other experiences in your life particularly feelings and ways of thinking - this is all reflective thinking and should all be noted in your account. In terms of how to star writing a reflective account, I would suggest if you really feel lost you could start by writing down your initial thoughts and feelings about he subject. Often the process of organising your thoughts into coherent writing will lead you to begin reflecting naturally on what you actually do think and feel and this leads you into the reflective writing process mentioned above.
Rebecca Y.
22 February 2017
Hi Madeline, I am not sure what you need so please give me a little more detail and maybe I can help. ie is this for you own care or for a clients care.Jane
Jane M.
22 February 2017
I would start by saying something like :- Personal care has to be delivered in a way that affords the client dignity and respect. .......  
Jane M.
05 March 2017
Start with why reflective accounts are important to carry out, maybe using a quote from your research. Try not to be descriptive when writing reflective accounts and think slightly more critically eg. why you did it and how you did it.
Zoe M.
04 April 2017
You may wish to use a reflective model to help you structure your reflective account. There are a couple that I use with my health and social care students which help them. 
Judith R.
05 April 2017
I don’t know what to write on my reflection account
08 October 2020
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