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Explain why Germany faced many difficulties in the years 1919 - 1923

It's a 7 mark question and i have no clue what to include. Please help!

the first world war ended in November 1918. The second world war started in 1939. Between that time Germany would have gone through a lot of hardship. This question probably relates to the economic fall of Germany, paying retribution  costs to the other countries involved i the war; how the people reacted to the losing the war and the Kaiser going into hiding. The state the people were in, homeless, injured, no money etc. Think bout the way people must have lived and how the country tried to deal with the aftermath of the first world war. Hope this helps
05 November 2013
HiGermany faced considerable pressure from countries around and involved in the war. Treaty of Versailles is a good place to start to look. Also there was pressure for the Weimar government to tackle the various fringe groups that existed. On top of this you have the financial pressures of the treaty and Germany getting back on its feet. The other thing is that a lot of Germany didn't like the fact that the Weimar government accepted the blame for the First World War.I hope this helps? You need to plan your response picking out key issues and then explain why it was a difficulty?
Phil K.
06 November 2013
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