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how has government helped or hindered medicine throughout time?

my teacher said we are going to present a presentation about this question, but i cant seem to find an information over the internet. can you please explain how government has helped or hindered medicine first in the prehistoric times then in ancient egypt then ancient greeks then ancient rome then middle ages the the renaisance then 18th to 19th century then modern day.. i only 4 or 5 points on each topic (e.g. prehistoric times). can someone please answer this by the end of sunday becasue this is due in on monday and i also need to use the infomation you give me to create a powerpoint presentation... PLEASSSSSSSEEEEE HEELPPP ASAP!!

Well in my understanding of the goverment and medicine . The goverment does not have much say . When I studyed the History of Medicine it was more individuals who made the discoverys found out about medicine and how the body works etc.. As to the Periods of Time . There was no goverment in the Prehistoric time . There were discoverys in the Roman and Egyptian Period but once again only by individuals . Through History there have been many disoverys in Medical Science . Alot in the 19th centry . The goverment might have funded them but I am sure it was mainly individuals who discovered these advancements .
12 March 2013
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