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Southeast Asian History

I'm looking for a tutor who specialise in Southeast Asian history (post-WW2 to present).

I live in South East asia, but Wikipedia has most of the information you will need. Its a good place to start just make sure you reference the citations on wikipedia not wikipedia itself.
20 May 2016
Hi JacobI studied East Asian history for a year at university (China and Japan), as well as Tibet (when I worked in the Free Tibet movement) and Korea (when I lived and worked in Seoul).However, I haven't tutored in this area before, and it wasn't my main degree. What specifically would you like help with?
Edmond V.
27 May 2016
30 May 2016
Look at component 4, depth study 5 and you'll see the syllabus.
30 May 2016
06 June 2016
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