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Hi all, Would someone please mind explaining the difference in the latin terms 'vita brevis', 'vita nimis brevis' and 'vita brevis est'. Would hugely appreciate all help. Thank you Matt

Dear Youngm26,"vita brevis - vita brevis est" mean the same. You will see the Latin likes to drop the verb (usually the `est`) from the phrase. PHRASE MUST BE SHORTer! (this is a kind of `rule` that Latin loves to use).To be honest vita brevis = vita nimis brevis (you just add `really` to the sentence).All of them mean: life is short.vita brevis = life (is) shortvita nimis brevis = life is really shortvita brevis est = life is shortE
Eszter B.
02 June 2014
Hello!Well, the answer is quite clear! We may only write either vita brevis est, as Caesar would have written. Or you may on a poetic style write vita brevis, thinking of vita brevis, ars longa... I will be happz to discuss more about it. Please fell free to contact me for all questions regarding Latin or Classics. Here is my email: aleksandrsolka@yandex.com
07 March 2015
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