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Seeking an experienced maths tutor (preferably with teaching experience) for A2 maths, WJEC board (C3, C4 and M1). Tutor needs in depth knowledge, importantly to convey and teach the subject in an understandable, friendly and patient manner. To assess particular strengths and weaknesses and to help raise confidence and exam technique.

Regards ZH


Last year all of my students improved their final results by at least two grades better than their predicted grades. Let's get that A or A*.
Dr Massoud H.
02 January 2015
Hi Dr Massoud.Thank you for your reply. Will it be possible to schedule a session for Saturday 10th January from 10-11am on trial basis. If positive for both then regular sessions from there.Regards Rina (zaynab's mom)
03 January 2015
ZHI hold a first degree in Maths and Statistics and completing a doctorate this month in Interactive Systems Design. I also have the experience to cover this course. Hire me! 
12 January 2015
If you can list out the topics you want to learn I will be glad to help you out Thank you,Krishna
25 January 2015
I would be glad to help you. Cheerssteve
Steve A.
24 June 2015
Hi if you are not sorted with a personal tutor yet I can certainly help you. I am newly signed up on this site but have acted in a one to one tutor for 4 years Maths and Science to A level and undergraduate level. I have also helped many other students on another website with over 350 solutions. Reply if you still need helpThanks John R
John R.
29 August 2015
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