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Can Sorter? Electromagnets

I need to know how can sorters works. They pick up steel cans but not aluminium ones. Why?

I need to mention the works like magnetism, electromagnets

Think about what you already know and understand about magnets. Which metals are known to be magnetic? Is aluminium magnetic? No! What is steel? Why would steel be magnetic (what does it contain that makes it magnetic?). If you can answer these questions then you will be able to understand how a can sorter works. What is a can sorter? Well, it will consist of an electromagnet. What is an electromagnet and why is this useful for sorting rather than a permanent magnet? The answers to these are straightforward to find with a little research and then you will be able to answer your question.
06 February 2012
don't assume all metals are magnetic.
16 February 2012
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