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to find the volume of an irregular shaped wooden piee a sinker made of steel (relative density = 7.85) having a mass of 157 g was used. if the levels of water before and after immersing the sinker wood ombination are 102 ml and 170 ml respectively then find the volume of woodewn piece

First, you find the volume of sinker. Since R.D = density of object/density of water(1g/cm3). Density of object = 7.85g/cm3. So, volume of sinker = mass/density = 157/7.85 = 20cm3 = 20mlFor the sinker-wood combination, subtract volume before immersion from volume after immersion. This gives 170-102 = 68mlTherefore Volume of Wood = Net volume - Volume of sinker = 68 - 20 = 48ml
15 June 2018
29 July 2018
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