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Parallax angle question

if a star is 5.2x1016 meters away, what is the parallax angle in degrees?

Just need a step by step answer to confirm that my answer of 0.000165598290 is correct ( note that the second five and zero have a recurring symbol above each)

I used the conversion 1parsec= 3.1x1016m in my calculation

any help would be much appreciated

where there is 16 that should be to the power of 16
22 June 2014
Jieying L.
23 June 2014
Hi Heisenberg28,1. 1 parsec=3.1x1016m, so the distance is 5.2/3.1=1.68 parsecs2. Rearrange distance=1/parallax angle to give parallax angle=1/distance    3. Parallax angle= 1/ 1.68=0.60 sec4. 1 sec =1/3600 degree, so in degrees, parallax = 0.60/3600= 0.000167degrees5. so you are correct, just need to use less significant figures... 
26 June 2014
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30 June 2014
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30 June 2014
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