Does anyone have any GCSE exam tips?

Just frightened, im lyk that and I cant contorl it 🙁

Don't panic...believe it or not you are not the only one who are afraid of exams. Best thing to do is take a deep breath, close your eyes count to 5 say to yourself "I can do this". Quickly flick through the exam paper from start to finish, answer the question that you can do first (this will help build up your confidence), then go back to the beginning then answer the questions one after the other. If sitting a multiple choice exam trust yourself...go with your first answer. Everyone has different methods to cope during exam times but these are some of the tips I give to my students (and I have used myself), hope you find them useful. Good luck.
29 January 2013
The best thing to do is to stay calm, making yourself nervous about the situation by continuously thinking out it may make things worse. A certain amount of adrenaline in our body is good, but when there's too much, it may makes things worse than they actually are.
29 January 2013
You may even be prepared but are worrying too much to notice. So relax, maybe change your mood by distracting yourself and tell yourself that everything you need to know for the exam is in your head! Good Luck!
29 January 2013
The best advice I can give you is to work as hard as you can preparing yourself for the exams and take the attitude then, that you have done your best and can do no more than that. It is natural to be nervous before exams, but if you have prepared yourself you will do well once you get in there and get started.
Jonathan C.
30 January 2013
There are some good tips on this blog post http://blog.tutorhu.../04/28/exam-day-tips/ - worth a read
02 February 2013
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