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what is 100 grams in kcal

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The energy content of food is generally measured in kcal per gram. The energy content of 100 grams of a particular food stuff will depend on how many kcal of energy it contains per gram. As you can imagine, a Big Mac is different to a stick of celery
14 March 2011
It depends which food type you are looking at. 100g of avocado pear are roughly 90kcal, whereas 100g of strawberries are 27.6kcal.
14 March 2011
What these two answers are trying to say is that there is no equivalence between the mass of a food substance and the energy it contains. It depends on the energy content per unit mass of the substance. You cannot convert grams to calories since they are different units - unless you want to use E = MC2 to work out the energy contained purely in the mass of the food. That would be about 9E15 Joules or about 2E15 calories..........in other words - a lot !
15 March 2011
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