The number one challenge for any tutoring business is finding new clients. You know the score, it can be feast or famine. One day you have so many clients you have to turn some of them away, the next you are no longer fully booked and again in search of new clients. A good tutoring business will have a steady stream of clients contacting you and looking for tutoring.

In the past, establishing a good client base depended on word-of-mouth references and/or paid advertising, but these days you can use social media tools to attract new clients, share the unique aspects of their business and even become viral sensations.

These are 10 ways in which you can use sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to market your tutoring business.


1 Create good content: Whether you choose to regularly update your Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter accounts, make sure that what you are sharing is engaging, interesting or informative enough for followers and friends to share your content. You may choose to start a blog, write interesting articles for other sites or upload useful information or entertaining infographs. Embed Pinterest boards onto your website so potential clients can easily see your activity on this site/app.

2 Pick the Medium that Best Works for You: You won’t have all day to be constantly taking pictures, recording videos or writing articles, so focus your efforts on two or three social media sites or apps that are garnering the most response from followers.

3 Think Visually: Instagram was the fastest growing social network in 2013. In the UK, Instagram overtook Twitter for the first time in number of users (7.3 compared to 6.9 million users, respectively) in 2012. People also spent more time on Instagram than on Twitter on their smartphones (257 minutes compared to just 170 minutes, respectively). This clearly demonstrates the new importance of the visual; use Instagram to provide followers with a bit of eye candy, through pictures that show how fun, creative and inspiring your tutoring sessions are.

4 Update posts regularly: Try to update your Facebook status regularly, and connect your Facebook and Twitter posts to enable you to make the most of your time.

5 If you are using Facebook, create a fan page: Research on how to use your fan page to create a landing page this will enable you to create an e-mail list of potential new clients, which you can target with specific marketing material or offers.

6 Consider hiring the services of a graphics company: They can personalise your Facebook timeline covers, adding unique illustrations or photographs that will appeal to followers. Captivating images can be shared across a host of networking sites and apps so even a small budget for graphics can go a long way.

7 Post short videos of interesting teaching methods or entertaining parts of your class on Facebook or Instagram: Many potential clients may be wary about hiring someone they don’t know. By seeing you do what you do best (tutoring students), they may feel more inclined to contact you.

8 Answer comments and queries posted on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc. as soon as possible: It will show you are professional and accessible.

9 Use hashtags on Pinterest and Twitter frequently and repeatedly; it will make your brand and content easier to find.

10 Follow influential movers and shakers in the educational sector: they may follow you back and indirectly lead to a larger following.

Creative use of social media can be an effective way of winning new customers, so why not give it a try?





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