Whether you’re an IT expert, an avid cook, or professional pianist, everyone has a skill they can share as a tutor!

Every day thousands of people in your local area search for passionate personal tutors to help them meet their goals and expectations and expand their skill set, for personal and professional reasons.

One on one tutoring, helping others learn, is an extremely rewarding pursuit with many benefits.

Why not seize this opportunity to become a private home or online tutor, a mentor for those who need help, and pass your knowledge on to those looking to learn new skills.

Perhaps the idea of becoming a tutor has already crossed your mind, but you haven’t taken the plunge.

Well here are just 5 great reasons why you should start tutoring today.

Tutoring is A great addition to your CV

Being a private tutor requires a multitude of transferable skills that demonstrate your ability to manage, motivate and mediate. Having experience of these skills, with references to back them up make you more employable. Mentoring shows your ability to put your qualifications into practice in the world of work.

Improve your resume by gaining teaching experience
Tutoring demonstrates your transferable skills to employers (Source: Upsplash)

As a tutor you have to handle high expectations of your students and/or their parents, achieving observable improvements in their attainment levels.

Quite often your students may be seeking a teacher to help solve a problem they find particularly difficult or help them catch up in class. As such, you will have be a patient and engaging educator, creating an environment in which students feel relaxed and able to learn.

As you’re not your pupil’s usual teacher you will initially lack knowledge of their academic capabilities. You will have to identify their strengths and weaknesses and help them adjust to changes in the learning environment and learning style. You will also have to adapt your own techniques to their needs and wants.

Above all, being a private tutor is about building strong relationships based on trust and respect.

This is a skill essential in all walks of life. For that reason alone tutoring jobs make a wonderful addition to your CV.

Expand your Business Network

If you decide to join a network of tutors with higher visibility such as Superprof, the chances are you will come across people in the same field as you.

Boost your professional network as part of a teaching organisation
Tutors on Superprof can build relationships and make connections to other teachers (Source: stocksnap)

Whether your a physics tutor, Spanish tutor or creative writing wizard, this kind of professional network is invaluable for building relationships, exchanging valuable information and making connections to other professionals for future job prospects.

Having an extensive professional network is often perceived positively and can open many doors via word of mouth. It can also provide a support network among like minded people able to encourage and enrich each other.

Find out how you can teach English online.

Private tutoring: A meaningful increase in your income

Whether you’re a student, in-between jobs or just looking for work in your spare time, private tutoring is a great way to supplement your income.

Make money from home or online as a private tutor
Tutoring is a rewarding way to increase your income (Source: stocksnap)

Whatever skills you have to pass on to others (linguistic, computer, musical, mathematical…), tutoring jobs offer a rewarding and enjoyable way to increase your income and share your knowledge with others.

There is a growing demand for private tutoring in the UK. Thousands of students search Superprof everyday for 1 on 1 lessons at home and online tutoring via webcam.

Meet new people, share common interests, and make students feel valued. There are worse jobs to have, no?

Set your own Rates

In giving private tuition, you take charge of your own income.

You decide your hourly rates and how much time to dedicate toward your tutoring job.

In setting your rates you should consider;

  1. Your financial needs
  2. Competition in your subject area
  3. Educational qualifications
  4. Professional credentials
  5. First hand experience

Remember, not everyone has the means to pay £40 a lesson. You might consider tailoring your rates depending on the student and what they require.

Or consider discounting your hourly rate for bulk packages.

Most of the time, if you are an experienced tutor/teacher with a high level of knowledge in your subject, then your rates will be above average in comparison to those just starting out.

Take pleasure in your work

The transfer of knowledge is what makes us human. Part of the benefit in tutor jobs is the joy you feel in sharing your knowledge to your peers and watching them grow.

Private teachers find fulfillment in doing what they love
Sharing your knowledge can be a very enriching experience (Source: stocksnap)

Witness the Fruits of your Labour

Perhaps you’ve just seen your student pass their biology exam with flying colours. Maybe they’re playing their first piece of music on guitar without your help. Or possibly you’ve witnessed them put their reading and writing skills in to practice in the real world!

Congratulations! Here’s to you and your student’s continued success!

Thanks to your hard work and effort, you have helped them achieve their goal! The work has paid off and you have borne witness to the benefits of one-on-one teaching.

When you can see the tangible effects of your toil, everyone feels pride in their work.

Foster your own Tutoring Style

Based on your own school experience you’ll be aware of how teaching styles and learning techniques vary widely from teacher to teacher and student to student. Sometimes they create a perfect match, but at other times they might conflict.

Teaching is all about approachability, understanding and diplomacy.

When alone with your student you will have complete freedom in how to approach the class and which learning methods to use to get the most out of them.

This will obviously vary from person to person based on;

  1. Their age and experience
  2. Character/Personality
  3. Educational attainment
  4. speed of comprehension

It is up to you to adept as best as possible. It is sometimes a case of trail and error, a meaningful process for both teacher and pupil.

Unfortunately there is no magic recipe for the perfect class, nevertheless, you can follow some basic steps to increase your chances of success. Above all it is essential to;

  1. Be prepared in advance
  2. Tailor your lesson to the pupil
  3. Build confidence and trust with your student.
  4. Be patient, supportive and understanding
  5. Alternate work with regular breaks to keep lessons fresh.

Organization is key!

For the crucial transition of information to be successful it must always be organized.

Become a tutor to find flexible work
Tutoring lets you manage your own schedule but organisation is key! (Source: stocksnap)

Managing your classes efficiently and in accordance with your students needs is the key to any tutoring business.

In posting your tutor jobs London ad online or around your local community you are taking your work schedule into your own hands and therefore requires time management.

Make sure prospective students are aware of your schedule by listing your working hours on your tutor ad.

Bear in mind that limiting your working hours will limit your chances of finding students.

Different groups will obviously have different schedules as well. At university, students might have flexible, but non-regular schedules.

Where as school students and professionals might have regular timetables, but less flexibility. Afterschool or evening availability only.

Tutoring: Combine your job with your passion

Sharing your skills and knowledge can be a very enriching experience.

Why not spend your time doing what you love and pass on your hobbies to others?

Teach someone how to fish, play poker, or write a captivating story. Everyone has something to learn.

In providing instruction and learning support, you’re making a meaningful difference in someone else life, solving problems and giving them the tools to progress and succeed.

The positive results you achieve together are reciprocal; they represent your own success and will be a true source of happiness and self-fulfilment.

What could be better than seeing your student making progress, building their confidence under your tuition?

In short, if you enjoy building new relationships, engaging conversation, and a rewarding challenge, then being a private tutor is for you!

But is being passionate enough to become a home tutor? Well, it’s not everything but it’s 90% of the job.

Being a passionate teacher will always make you more effective than someone teaching out of necessity.

It is also very important to know how to impart knowledge successfully. There are many online teacher-training courses available, including from Superprof tutors.

There are also more career-orientated qualifications (both for undergraduates and post graduates) including the BEd, PGCE or PGDE. Find out more at UCAS.

Become a tutor and work for yourself!

The biggest advantage of private tutoring is having total control and flexibility over your job, whether it is the rates you charge, your schedule, or place of work.

Private teaching is a flexible and rewarding job for those looking to improve work life balance
Tutoring gives you free reign to plan your work environment and schedule (Source: stocksnap)

Most sessions take place at a tutee's home, so it is up to you to select your catchment area as not to waste time and money on extensive travel.

You could also teach at your own house or an agreed upon, neutral location like a café, library or in a park on a beautiful sunny day.

Why not advertise classes to small groups and start a study group to earn more money per hour? Remember that people will expect a lower rate if the class is not one to one.

Alternatively, digital technology now makes it possible for you to teach all over the world from the comfort of your living room.

The world is your classroom!

Work around your Studies

Many students combine their studies with part time jobs in the service sector, pulling pints or serving sandwiches.

These jobs are appealing to students because of their flexibility and part time nature and as alternative jobs for teachers.

However, with an average rate of £25 an hour in 2016 (all subject combined) and the additional professional prospects it adds to your CV, private tutoring jobs have become an increasingly attractive proposition for students wishing to trade the café for home.

The significant difference in hourly wage is what makes this job so interesting for students looking to make efficient use of their time.

In fact in France from 2015 to 2016 Superprof saw a 145% increase in tutors aged 19 or under from 2500 to 6000!

Have these ten great reasons to become a private tutor convinced you to start teaching?

If so, why wait any longer?

Sign up for tutoring jobs on Superprof which is full of friendly students in your local area and online who would love to work with you!

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