“Music is a world within itself 2ith a language we all understand.” - Stevie Wonder

American Neurobiology specialists in California have proven that musical creativity is one of the main functions of the brain like language or mathematical logic.

So to develop this skill, why not learn how to play the bass guitar?

Arpeggios, scales, tablature, rhythm, etc., music lessons allow you to improve your technique but also learn more about different musical tastes.

But how much do they cost?

There are a lot of different factors students will need to consider before they start playing the bass with the help of private teachers or tutors. A beginner might want a cheaper course where they learn how to play a few simple songs while making use of free resources for practice exercises in their free time.

An experienced bassist will be looking to improve their playing with advanced techniques, a better understanding of music theory, and a deeper understanding of the instrument and what it's capable of.

All these factors can affect the style and the cost of your tutorials and if you're planning on getting them for a few years, you probably want them to be as cost-effective as possible.

The Cost of Bass Lessons Depends on the Class

Before you start your career as a professional musician, it’s important to start with the basics: music lessons. The cost of music lessons can put some students off progressing any further so it’s best to first find out just how much bass guitar lessons will cost you. However, there’s no universal price for music teachers. Several criteria can affect the cost, including the type of lesson you get.

Are bass guitar tutorials expensive?
While important, the cost isn't the only thing you should consider when getting bass guitar tutorials. (Source: PublicDomainPictures)

Private tutorials are nothing like classes in a conservatoire, for example. The average cost of bass guitar tutorials in London is £29 per hour. This is just an example, though, and the price can change depending on how many hours you pay for and how frequently you have them.

If a student decides to have three bass lessons a week throughout the entire year, the tutor might discount the hourly rate. Some tutors might reduce their rates if they’re guaranteed a regular income from a student.

The same is true if you opt for intensive bass guitar lessons. The tutor’s rates can be reduced if you book all your lessons in the same week. Of course, private tutorials at home aren’t the only way you can become a good bassist.

Some musicians opt to attend a music school or conservatoire. These schools tend to offer a more standardised form of tuition around the country. Rather than reductions, there may be financial aid available to some families. Some may offer a discount if multiple children from the same family attend. Look around for what financial help is available against the cost of tuition.

Degrees at conservatoires, for example, are several thousand a year. Of course, a degree from a conservatoire will teach you more than just how to play the bass guitar. Students will learn about music theory, reading music, and expected to already have a very good level in a musical instrument. The level of teaching is usually quite advanced, too.

Finally, there are also bass guitar lessons available from private music schools. Some will also include an enrolment fee on top of the cost of hourly lessons so it’s a good idea to shop around.

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The Cost of Bass Lessons by Location

The price of bass guitar lessons will also vary according to where you are. While the average cost of private bass guitar lessons in London is £29 per hour, in Edinburgh, the average is £24.

Where are bass tutorials the most expensive?
Given the elevated cost of living, you can expect to pay more for tutorials in London than elsewhere in the UK. (Source: jplenio)

The cost of living as well as supply and demand will generally affect the rates offered by private bass guitar tutors. Tutors need to make sure that their lessons are profitable after all, which is why lessons are more expensive in more expensive cities.

Similarly, they have to factor in the cost of getting to the lessons. A long and costly trip across London may be factored into their rates. They tend to factor their outgoings into their hourly rate.

To give you a better idea, here are the average rates for a few different cities:

  • Glasgow: £20
  • Birmingham: £21
  • Bristol: £23
  • Liverpool: £20
  • Belfast: £22

Generally, the rates don’t vary too wildly and there are great bass tutors all over the country. Check the reviews left by other students to make sure that they're worth what they're charging. Some tutors may charge very little but you should check to see whether they offer great service or not.

You can also get online lessons from sites like Jamplay, Yousician, etc. Of course, a lot of these websites offer pre-recorded lessons to teach you techniques and new songs but they can't always provide feedback on how well you're doing, which may cause you to pick up bad habits when playing or getting important techniques wrong.

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The Level and Age of the Private Bass Guitar Tutor

Whether you choose one-on-one lessons, online tutorials, or intensive classes, you’ll find a lot of different tutors offering classes. Some tutors will have more experience than others when it comes to teaching guitar, bass, piano, violin, or the flute and this experience tends to come at a price.

A tutor with teaching qualifications or high-level bass guitar qualifications will probably charge more than somebody who’s self-taught. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a retired teacher is better than a young self-taught bassist when it comes to providing private bass guitar lessons as it depends on their teaching style and the student.

However, a retired teacher might charge less than a teacher who’s still working. Even just a few years of experience can change the rates of a private tutor by over £10 per hour.

Your budget will affect which tutors you can pick but so will your objectives and your level. If you’re of an advanced level, a self-taught bassist may have nothing to teach you, for example.

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The Level of the Student

The cost of bass guitar tutorials will vary according to the level of the student, too. Beginners will have a few things to learn such as how to read tablature and sheet music, scales, arpeggios, coordinating their left and right hands, rhythm, etc. Even though they’ve got a lot to learn, they’ll all learn more or less the same things, which means that there are a lot of tutors available to teach them.

What types of bass guitar tutorial are there?
The type and level of your tutorial will also affect the cost. (Source: egonkling)

On the other hand, advanced bass tutorials are rarer. This means that these bassists will also need an experienced tutor. They’ll require lessons and tutorials on far more specific things. Since their work is cut out for them, the tutors will probably charge a premium for their service.

There might be specialist courses on certain styles of music like jazz, pop, folk, blues, funk, etc. The tutor can adapt their lessons to the student. However, this planning time comes at a cost, too.

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How to Find Cheaper Bass Guitar Tutorials

It can sometimes be tricky finding a compromise being quality and cost when it comes to bass guitar tutorials. However, there are a few things you can do to save money... You could get group lessons, for example.

Do you know anyone else who might be interested in playing the bass guitar?

By getting lessons in a group, you can get group rates that work out cheaper per student per hour. This is also an opportunity to have some fun with your friends. You won't get as much one-on-one time with your tutor and the lessons won't be tailored just to you, but you'll still be learning how to play the bass and you can always be working on a technique or practising a particular song while they show the other students what to do.

You can also get online bass guitar tutorials where a tutor teaches you via webcam. They’ll be able to hear and see what you’re doing but they won’t have to travel to you. Since they won’t have any travel costs, they can charge more competitive rates for their private bass guitar tutorials. You will have to have a decent computer and a stable internet connection for these to work, though.

How can you get cheaper bass guitar tutorials?
Opting for online tutorials is a good way to save money. (Source: Aksa2011)

On Superprof, more than 90% of the tutors offer the first hour of tutoring for free so in addition to being able to save you some money, it also allows you to try out a few different tutors before hiring one.

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