“The bass, no matter what kind of music you're playing, it just enhances the sound and makes everything sound more beautiful and full. When the bass stops, the bottom kind of drops out of everything.” - Charlie Haden

According to a study by Classic FM, over a quarter of young boys wanted to learn the bass guitar but very few girls did. That said, it doesn’t that girls can’t learn to play the bass guitar, it’s just that boys find it more appealing.

If you’ve decided the bass guitar is for you, then it doesn’t matter what demographic you belong to. Here are the best YouTube channels for learning to play the bass guitar.

Josh Fossgreen

Josh's YouTube Channel is home to plenty of great video tutorials explaining how to play songs, master certain bass guitar techniques, and some useful tips and tricks to ensure you don't pick up any bad habits when you first start playing the bass guitar.

Can you learn bass online?
Before you get on stage with your bass guitar, you might want to watch some of the great video tutorials on YouTube. (Source: freestocks-photos)

There are entire playlists for beginners as well as lessons on improv and soloing, bass chords, riffs, and rhythm for bassists.

Anyone interested in playing the bass guitar should probably subscribe to Josh over on YouTube.

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Scott's Bass Lessons (SBL)

As the name would suggest, this channel includes lessons from a guy named Scott. Scott knows his way around the fingerboard of a bass guitar and in addition to lessons for beginners, he also has a series of videos on bass tips, playing chords, playing with a live band, and a load of videos talking about different bass gear and bass guitars.

Ask anyone online for bass guitar YouTube channels and you'll see Scott's name popping up again and again!

Low End University

This is the YouTube channel for the website of the same name and features a handful of free videos to introduce you to the bass guitar and get you playing.

Are there free bass video tutorials on YouTube?
The best thing about YouTube is that it's free! (Source: StockSnap)

Much like the other channels we've talked about, Low End University has videos on gear such as bass guitars, effects pedals, and pickups (the part of the bass that turns the vibration of the strings into an electric signal).

In terms of content, the channel is a bit limited as its main goal is to direct viewers over to the website and pay for the content. If you exhaust all the resources on the YouTube channel, you may want to consider paying for their premium content.

We'll leave that decision up to you.

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Daric Bennett

Daric Bennett's YouTube channel follows a similar structure and format to a lot of the YouTube channels for bassists. Generally, there's some free content on the channel and far more premium content available to those who subscribe via the website.

That's not to say that the free content isn't good. Daric Bennett's channel has more free videos than a lot of the other channels we've mentioned and you could easily enjoy hours and hours of content before having to pay for lessons.

Some of the best videos for bassists are the exercises. The great thing with these is that once you've watched the video, you can practice even if you can't access the YouTube channel.

Adam Neely

Adam Neely's channel has over 1,000,000 subscribers and we recommend that you join them. This channel isn't just for bassists and has quite a broad range of content on music and some other random stuff.

Which are the best YouTube videos for bassists?
There are also plenty of reviews and buyer's guides to help you choose the right bass guitar. (Source: jonathansautter)

For those wanting to learn bass guitar, we'd recommend going straight to the "Adam Neely's Bass Lessons" playlist on the channel. There are also a lot of videos on music theory that any musician could benefit from.

The only real downside is that this channel isn't updated as often as most bass players would like.

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Real Bass Lessons

This is a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on playing the bass guitar and nothing else, which is exactly what you'd want out of a bass guitar YouTube channel.

The host Jim Stinnet has been playing bass for half a century and has an incredible repertoire. Whether you want to learn rock, funk, country, jazz, classical, or pop, Jim's your man!

The channel is nicely organised into playlists covering different musical genres and styles as well as different levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons.

For those who like something a little different, Jim also has playlists on the double bass and fretless basses.


This is a YouTube channel full of covers with tabs. While this won't be ideal if you are an absolute beginner, once you know your way around the fingerboard, you can easily load up one of the videos on this channel and play along.

While there are plenty of tabs available online, it can help an awful lot for beginners to see the song being played at the same time.

Marcelo Feldman - The Bass Wizard

Last but not least, we've got Marcelo Feldman's channel. Marcelo's videos on the bass guitar probably fall more into the "general" category than lessons but there are over 20 videos on bass guitar technique, music theory, tips and tricks, and mistakes bass players should avoid.

There are a few hours of educational content for you to go through on this channel so even though he has fewer videos on learning to play bass than the other channels in this article, you should still subscribe to his channel.

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Other YouTube Channels to Check Out

Cover Solutions

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can check out the Cover Solutions YouTube channel to find covers from plenty of different genres. You just have to follow the tab as it appears on the screen.

You’ll also find exercises to improve your fingering and your technique with a tab you can follow along to. Pay attention to the difficulty of each song, especially if you’ve just started playing bass.

You’ll find guitar and drum covers, too, so it’s not just for bassists.

Which are the best bass video lessons?
There's a thriving community of bassists on YouTube who are happy to share their knowledge of the instrument with you! (Source: 2102033)


You won’t find bass lessons here but you will find backing tracks for bass players. It’s a great way to practise playing the bass and try out some of the techniques that you’ve been learning. There are styles such as blues, jazz, funk, rock, and reggae.

So now you have a few videos to get started with.

If you've exhausted all these websites, read every bass guitar book, found all the best tips online, and are still looking to improve your level, you may want to consider reaching out to a bass guitar tutor or teacher. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of experienced and qualified bass players on Superprof who will be more than happy to help you.

While they won't be free like some websites or online video tutorials, they can certainly help you get better at playing the bass guitar, point you in the right direction of some good bass playing resources, and adapt their courses to you. There are three main types of tutorials available and each has its pros and cons.

Face-to-face tutorials will be between you and your tutor and are a cost-effective way to learn as every minute of the session will be spent teaching you how to improve your bass playing. That said, these tutorials are often the most expensive as you'll pay a premium for the bespoke service on offer.

Online tutorials can also be quite useful, especially for those on a budget. Since the tutor doesn't have to travel or lug a bass guitar around with them, they can save a lot of money and charge more competitive rates as a result. As long as you have a stable internet connection, a webcam, and a decent microphone, you can enjoy bass guitar tutorials from tutors all over the world.

Online tutors are often better suited to academic subjects rather than practical ones, but with the right tutor, you'd be surprised at the skills you can now learn without even having a tutor there in the room with you.

Finally, group tutorials are a good option for those on a budget. You won't get the tutor's undivided attention during these tutorials but if you and a group of friends or family members are all interested in learning how to play the bass guitar, splitting the cost of the tutor's time may be an affordable way for you all to learn.

Many of the tutors on Superprof offer the first hour of tutoring for free so before you make the financial investment, you might want to try a few different ones out and see who's the best for you and how you like to learn. After all, you'll want to make sure that you get along with your tutor as it can take a long time to learn how to play the bass guitar well so you'll be spending an awful lot of time with your tutor.

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