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There are plenty of career coaches in the UK. You can find a personal career coach or work with an agency.

Whether you need image advice, management training, time management, professional support, reconversion training, practical exercises, teamwork, stress management, mental preparation, career coaching can help you achieve your professional goals and work wonders for your career development!

Private career coaching is a great way to bring practical and professional skills together. Find out how you can enjoy the benefits of career coaching.

In this article, we're going to look at career coaching in some of the UK's biggest cities: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow.

Career Coaching in London

You can work on your professional career prospects! A career coach is similar to a life coach but they'll exclusively provide career services and executive coaching.

Where can you get career coaching in London?
There are plenty of ways to advance your career with coaching in London. (Source: fotofan1)

Throughout your professional life, you’ll be faced with a number of different challenges. Whether you’re looking for qualifications, changing careers, changing positions, or creating a business, your professional life is full of challenges.

To help you in these periods throughout your life, career coaches can provide you with support as you do it. Professional coaching classes can teach you about public speaking, managing a team, dealing with stress, etc.

Professional coaches aren’t just for employees. If you’re looking for jobs, a coach can help you put together an application, prepare for an interview, etc. Whatever the situation, professional coaching in London can help you improve your career prospects.

There’s no lack of professional coaches in the capital. As the biggest city in the UK, you’ll be able to find the coach you’re looking for.

You can career coaching services like:

  • Workshops and career guidance
  • Starting a new career or a career transition
  • Writing a cover letter and CV
  • Profession and career exploration
  • Job search strategies and finding a new job
  • Advising on career choices
  • Interviewing techniques and helping a recruiter or employer with hiring new staff
  • Mentoring negotiation skills
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile
  • Managing your work life balance
  • Whether you want help with conflict management, skill development, reconversion, HR, collective intelligence, don’t forget to discuss this with your career coach before you start your tutorials.

Career Coaching in Birmingham

The capital isn’t the only place where you can get career coaching. The UK’s other large cities also have a wealth of career coaching options available.

How much does career coaching in Birmingham cost?
The UK's second city has a good career coaching offering. (Source: jgyuity1289)

There are agencies offering career and professional coaching, meditation, life coaching, etc. You can contact these businesses and they’ll set you up with either a single coach or a team. There are so many career coaching companies in Birmingham that you shouldn’t have any problems finding an individual or a company to help you.

But what do you do once you’ve found your career coach?

The goal of career coaching is to achieve your career goals. Their goal is to help you move in the right direction in terms of your career. Each coach needs to adapt to each of their clients.

The first step of career coaching is to work out who you are. The coach will ask you about your career path and your skills. They may even ask you some questions about your personality and do an Enneagram.

Once you’ve defined your objectives, the coach will put together a plan and a programme. Speaking exercises, writing a CV, presenting yourself, etc., you just need the right training!

Career Coaching in Manchester

Have you decided to get some career coaching in Manchester?

Good idea!

So how can you find the right career coach?

There are plenty of different types of career coaches. If you’ve got the skills, you could become a career coach tomorrow.

It’s important to look at any potential career coach’s profile. There are certain qualifications around to help you separate the wheat from the chaff. However, make sure you’re careful when choosing.

A career coach could be everything from the former director of a business to a student in a business school, for example. A coach could specialise in psychology or business. There are no rules. It’ll completely depend on what you’re looking for.

To choose the right person, there are some things to consider:

  • Make the most of the first hour together to talk about your goals with your coach.
  • Talk about your coach’s experience.
  • Discuss their methodology.

By following this advice, you should be able to find the right person. If you’re looking for career coaching in Manchester, you could also look for companies that offer career coaches as well. There are a number of companies that specialise in this kind of education, be it appraisals, a career assessment, individual coaching sessions, a career change, help with a job search, recruitment, training, networking strategies, etc.

You should also know that there are coaches that do private tutorials. These won’t be part of a company and they’ll often come to you for their sessions. That said, there are also career coaches who let you come to them.

Career Coaching in Leeds

Like elsewhere in the UK, career coaching in Leeds is for everyone. Whatever your professional situation, you can get in touch with a coach.

Which are the best career coaching options in Leeds?
A career coach in Leeds could help you write your CV. (Source: MichaelDBeckwith)

Managers could learn more about decision-making, leading a team, public speaking, etc. Employees can benefit from professional coaching to work in a team or develop skills important to their jobs.

If you’re setting up a business, you might want to give a career coach a call. Administration during a business’ first few months can be complicated to deal with on your own. A career coach could provide you with professional support.

There are a number of career coaching businesses in Leeds. The rates for career coaching aren’t usually displayed on sites because everyone is different, as is the coaching that’s provided. You’ll need to think about what you’re after because you don’t want a shock when it comes to the rates for your career coaching.

For more information, you should contact the coaches directly. They’ll ask you how many hours you’ll need them for and what you’ll need them for and then charge an appropriate rate.

On Superprof, career coaching could cost up to £50 per hour.

Career Coaching in Glasgow

Don’t wait until you’re about to burn out before you ask for career coaching.

Which are the biggest career coaching companies in the UK?
Career coaching in Glasgow could help you change careers. (Source: Kamyq)

You can get in touch with a career coach at any point during your professional life. Whether you're interested in getting your degree, setting up a business, getting a promotion, etc., a career coach can help you whenever you need it.

So if you want career coaching in Glasgow, you should be aware that there are several different options. There are plenty of options for career coaching in all the big cities in the UK.

You can get in touch with a career coaching firm. These often work with several different career coaches that work together. You’ll probably only work with one coach but they’ll be working behind the scenes with other coaches. In Glasgow, there are agencies that can work with employees, managers, HR professional, students, etc. and help them in their professional and personal lives.

Some offer appraisals of employee skills, self-confidence, etc. There are so many companies offering these kinds of services in Glasgow You’ll be spoilt for choice.

In addition to agencies, you can also get in touch with private career coaches. On Superprof, there are plenty of career coaches ready to help. The advantage of these coaches is that you can find one who works near where you live.

If you live in the countryside, you can always find a coach who offers their services online. You can do this remotely using programmes like Skype. You can enjoy all the benefits of career coaching from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, these aren't the only cities in the UK where you can get career coaching. As we said, Superprof has career coaches and private tutors all over the UK and from around the world as well as coaches.

If you're interested in becoming a career coach, you can set up your profile on Superprof, explain the services you offer, set your rates, and start finding students and clients. A lot of the tutors on our site offer the first hour of tutoring or career coaching for free. This is a great opportunity to get to know your clients before you start working with them.

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