Learning to sew with a sewing class may not have crossed your mind before now but you should know that there are many reasons why doing so could have a positive impact on your life. In particular, if you are longing for a new crafting hobby to take you away from your everyday tension and stress then this could be just the right pastime for you.

Keep reading for just some of the reasons why you should consider learning how to sew as your next obsession.

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Sew

1. It Is Calming

It is not hard to see why sewing is so therapeutic as an activity. It's the kind of thing that you tend to do in silence and at a steady pace, putting your focus into the project or task at hand. However, a skilled sewer will confirm that the better you get at using a needle or thread (or using your home sewing machine), the easier it is to get lost in thought and really take a step back from your everyday life.

If you are looking to take up stitching in order to escape in this way then don't forget to switch off all of your devices so that you can't be reached!

Sewing is an activity that helps you to de-stress.
Even arranging your sewing supplies neatly can be calming. Photo credit: Anne Worner on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

2. It Has A Positive Effect On Your Emotional Wellbeing

As most calming activities do, sewing brings positivity into your life and this can have a significant impact on your emotional wellbeing.

In such a fast-moving, technology-driven world, it can be so easy to get caught up in business-related issues, financial matters and more, but by bringing some kind of peace to your soul even if just for half an hour in your day, it can really encourage you to take more "me time" and to pamper yourself. Go on, you deserve it!

3. It Is Good For Your Health

Aside from your emotional wellbeing, sewing also has a number of advantages directly linked to your physical health.

Just like reading, which trains the brain as we get older, sewing can help keep your brain active for longer. You can also learn how to read sewing patterns or even purchase a range of sewing books dedicated to sewing for beginners and getting started on beginner sewing projects. Some of these reads will even offer you tutorials or free sewing patterns to work from.

Moreover, using your hands for precise needlework can be beneficial to your joints in your hands and can also help your eyes stay stronger for longer.

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4. It Offers You Time Away From Screens

Most people under the age of 50 (and equally many over 50s!) will be the first to admit that they use their mobile phones for everything. Let's face it, you can work on them, play games on them, order your shopping on them and check your bank account balance with a few easy clicks. In fact, with so little that you can't do on a mobile device nowadays, the appeal of finding a hobby that involves no technology is somewhat special.

Of course, if you sew using a sewing machine then you will still be reliant on technology in some way but it is the distance from the blue light emitted from digital screens that most people crave. Learning sewing basics like hand sewing can also help with reminding your mind what it is like to function without your phone or tablet!

5. It Allows You To Stay On Top Of (Or Ahead Of) Fashion Trends

With your very own sewing kit and products, you have all of the power to create a garment, repair it, or upcycle it. This means that, if you like to keep an eager eye on what is happening in the fashion world, you can stay on-trend and emerge wearing the latest statement pieces thanks to your very own skill and handiwork.

Upcycle old clothes to make them more in fashion.
You can use your skill to keep up to date with fashion trends. Photo credit: I am Priscila Diniz on Visualhunt.com

On the contrary, you could even become a trendsetter who is one step ahead of everyone else in the fashion world! If you like to be experimental with your choice of clothes but can't always find things that are as wacky as you'd like, then why not experiment with embellishments, tassels, tears, and more yourself!

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6. It Makes You More Skilled As An Individual

People sometimes forget that there is a great deal of skill required when it comes to sewing.

Not anybody can just pick up a needle and thread and make something that looks like what was intended! Skilled seamstresses will have spent hours, days, weeks, months and, more often than not, years to get as good as they are, and they will have learned from a lot of mistakes along the line.

Some benefits of being a dab hand with a needle are that you can sew buttons back on your blouses or trousers to save an embarrassing fashion "faux-pas", you can take up trousers or dresses that are too long, you can alter old clothes to fit after you've lost weight and you can repair a torn cushion cover.

These are just some examples, there are plenty more advantages to having a skill like this under your belt!

7. It Means You Can Be More Creative And Unique With Gifting

Don't you just hate giving the same people the same old gifts each birthday and Christmas, and having to watch them unwrap the present and pretend to be surprised and ecstatic?

If you are even a beginner at sewing, then you can find tonnes of ideas on the Internet for DIY presents. Made specifically for that purpose, these types of gifts are truly personalised and are therefore unique, even if you've had a little bit of inspiration from other craft enthusiasts!

Read our blogs about sewing classes in Edinburgh or Nottingham.

8. It Helps You To Save Money

Following on from the above point, you can save yourself a lot of expense when it comes to Christmas shopping if you make your own presents, even if it is only those 'extra little gifts' that you save the pennies on. And most people would much rather a handmade scarf in their favourite colours than a box of chocolates, don't you think?

Furthermore, savings can be made when you are able to repair tired, old clothes or you are creative enough to upcycle them to gain more wear from them. If you can save one t-shirt from the scrap, then you could easily save £15 or so on replacing it. It all adds up!

You can save some money by offering DIY presents that are unique.
Handmade gifts are a nice touch, and they are cheap. Photo credit: erika g. on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

9. It's Back In Fashion!

Nevermind following fashion design trends, sewing as a hobby is the new trend in society!

Figures show that vast amounts of mainly women are taking up sewing and are often using their imagination and creativity to start up independent stores and businesses with great success. Have you ever bought a bespoke textile item from an Etsy shop that you just could find elsewhere? It's definitely the way the market is going...

10. It Encourages You To Make New Friends

Going to sewing classes can be a great way to meet new people, particularly those who share your interests.

While there is no stereotype of people who sew, that is the joy of mixing with other students and meeting such a range of people of completely different ages. You don't have to socialise with your peers but many people forge good friendships and see each other regularly for sewing clubs at one another's homes.

Ok, Help Me Find A Sewing Classes Near Me!

Right, you could not want for more reasons to take up sewing as a beginner so now let's get down to it and find out where the best sewing studios and workshops are in your city!

Sewing Lessons In And Around The Glasgow Area

Sew Confident

Sew Confident is a Glasgow West End sewing studio offering a range of supplies and classes for all levels. Here, you will find Beginner's Sewing Classes, Hand Embroidery Class, Bumbag Class, Quilting for Beginners, Underwear / Lingerie Class, Animal Accessory Class and Curtain and Blind Class.

As you can see, this business doesn't just stick to the fundamental areas of this craft. Imagine going to a class where you can make a collar or jacket for your pooch? Or attending sessions on how to make your own bra?

The Stitchery

The Stitchery is a business run from two studios at private residences in Charing Cross and Woodlands. Offering a great range of workshops (Making Jeans, Fitting, Making Shirts, Making A Jacket), it also offers private tuition helping you to master the techniques involved in making your own unique textile pieces. You can book a consultation to discuss your desired learning outcomes.

Why not check out their blog for inspiration and to get a feel for their values and teaching methods?

Southside Sewing School

Southside Sewing School is a friendly, independent sewing school located in a studio on the Southside of Glasgow. They have courses tailored to suit absolute beginners as well as ones that cater for intermediate or advanced individuals looking to expand their skills or focus on a particular area or process.

The emphasis is on a high-quality finish and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can expect to learn great techniques from the best. Their repertoire consists of garment construction, roman blinds, and soft furnishings.

You'll find these and many more just by running a quick search on Google!

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