If you have aspirations of becoming a science tutor, then one of the most important things to consider is how you are going to market your classes, since your business will depend on your ability to find students.

If you know the best ways to find students, both locally and online, then you’ll give yourself the best chances of success.

While years ago it was enough to put an ad in the newspaper, times have changed, and these days there is more and more demand for online tutorship due to the convenience it offers.

That isn’t to say that you can’t have success marketing your business in your local area, but it is worth being mindful that to find enough students to stay afloat, casting your net as wide as possible will be your best bet.

Science tutors are always in high demand, due to the importance of the subject in schools and beyond, so if you know how to market your services well, you shouldn’t struggle to find willing students.

plants in jars
Finding students is like an experiment, but one which you can rig in your favour.

Finding students locally

First we’ll explore some of the best ways you can market your services locally, as this is an effective way to secure long-term students and give yourself the chance of receiving referrals.

Newspaper ads

While newspapers might not be as important as they once were, they are still consumed daily by a significant number of people in the UK.

All you need is one person to see your ad, and realise that they could do with science tuition, or that someone they know could benefit from it, and it will have been a success.

If you decide to take this route, try your best to make your ad stand out, and sell the most interesting part of you as a tutor.

If you are fascinated with a specific area of science, like biology, chemistry, or physics, or you have an in-depth knowledge on one topic, then focus on that as your USP.

Science tutor offers private classes in your area isn’t exactly going to compel the reader to reach out to you, especially with the wealth of choice of online tutors, so really play up your strengths.


It’s hard to beat good old-fashioned word of mouth for spreading the message, even today.

Of course, to get a referral, you’re going to need to have already given a class or two, but it’s something to bear in mind even if you haven’t given one yet.

You should give your all in every class, and go above and beyond to make it interesting and entertaining, since essentially each student you teach could potentially bring you 2 or 3 more, if you give them a memorable lesson.

Another way to go about getting referrals is to drop your tutoring services into conversations, when appropriate.

The more people know about your tutoring services, the better. Before you know it, someone will have a friend of a friend, or a child interested in taking a science class and your name will be the first to pop into their mind.


Don’t underestimate the effect of a well-placed poster.

Another opportunity to sell your strengths, posters are a great way to promote your services.

Putting up posters in important places in your local community like the town hall, supermarket, or library, is a surefire way to get the word out there about your classes.

Like with newspaper marketing, your best bet is to make the most eye-catching ad possible, to stop people in their tracks and get their attention.

Science has long had a bad reputation in some ways, being seen as a boring subject to those who haven’t been introduced to the subject in the most interesting fashion, but you can cash in on the rise of popular TV personalities like Brian Cox who are making the subject seem more attractive.

Use the poster as a canvas to display your fascinations with science, ask thought-provoking questions about volcanos or animals for example, to really appeal to the interests of potential students.

Private tutor agency

If you’re highly qualified, and you’d rather someone else take care of the marketing side of things leaving you to just teach, you could consider signing up for a private tutor agency.

A private tutor agency will take on all the responsibilities of marketing your services, which will leave you to do what you do best, and focus on giving the best classes, without getting caught up in anything else.

While the agency will take a commission from every class you teach, you will have plenty of students, and won’t have to worry about fluctuating income as much as if you were left to your own devices and operating as a freelance.

Finding students online

Typing on a laptop
The internet is probably the best way to find students.

The most effective ways to find students as a science tutor require an internet connection, and consistent effort, but they won’t disappoint, and can even reveal new sources of income.


Much like a local agency, but with the benefit of being online, Superprof can provide you with everything you need to get started as a science tutor.

Superprof offers you a fantastic platform through which you can market your services, and find students by simply creating an attractive profile.

The height of convenience, Superprof allows you to give classes online from the comfort of your own home, and will ensure you find students without needing to put in too much work on the marketing side of things.

Blog and email

An online presence is crucial these days for reaching out to as many people as possible.

What this means for you as a science tutor is that you would benefit greatly from creating and sustaining a blog and/or e-mail list.

A blog is a powerful tool for any tutor, and while the benefits might not be immediately obvious, it can really help your business take off in the long run.

Why is a blog so useful for finding students?

A blog gives you an excellent way to provide free value to potential students, and give them an incentive to take classes with you later down the line, since they know exactly what they can expect from you.

If you establish a reputation for yourself - even on a small-scale - as a science tutor who explores fascinating science topics through their blog, then you are building awareness of your brand.

You can then also look into ways of monetising your blog, which could provide an extra stream of income.

To cash in on this awareness and attention, you can create an email list in which you send avid readers a weekly blog post on a topic that might interest them.

After a while, should the readers of your blog appreciate the value of what you are offering, you will probably find yourself inundated with prospective students wanting to learn more from you.

In this scenario, it’s best that you are signed up with an online platform like Superprof, or have another online method of giving classes, since the readers won’t necessarily be local to you.

Social media

An additional way to capitalise on the internet to boost student numbers is through social media interaction.

Staying relevant through regular social media posts and interaction with prospective students will ensure you spread the message of your services, and can build a ‘fanbase’.

The more people think they know you, or the more value you offer them with free knowledge and education, the more likely they are to want to pay for your tutoring services.

You can even hire a social media manager to take care of your social media accounts if you’d prefer to focus on tutoring.


This last option isn’t for everyone, but if you love nothing more than talking science, then this could help you secure more students for your tutoring services.

For a start, it’s much easier for someone to take a class with a tutor that they’ve already seen talking in a video.

Secondly, the familiarity that you can create by posting videos on YouTube can work in your favour, and generate more interest for your tutoring services.

Third, you could potentially create a significant following, which just like blogging, can lead to other income sources to supplement the tutoring that you might not have considered before.

These days one of the first things we do when they want information on a topic is to search it on YouTube, since we are attracted to visuals and we love the relatability that YouTube videos allow.

If you can create a series of compelling videos on your favourite science topics, then your videos might even start to pop up first when someone types in a related question.

Especially if you are charismatic and you are able to select a niche which is relatively untapped, then you could have a lot of success with YouTube.

If you mix all of these forms of online marketing together, and create a brand for yourself which includes a YouTube presence, social media and blog or any combination of the three, then you will reach a wide audience and the struggle of finding students will be a thing of the past.

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