Do you want to go live in Japan for a few months or learn so that the language enough to be able to communicate with your new Japanese penpal?

If the only Japanese words you know are konnichiwa, arigato and onegai, (hello, thanks, and please) you should quickly look into taking Japanese classes on the web or at home!

As with all language courses, studying Japanese requires work and a lot of practice!

It's not so simple to learn the three major Japanese writing systems of Kanji, Kana (Katakana and Hiragana), and Romaji. These are all essential components of the construction of Japanese sentences and phrases.

Nevertheless, learning the Japanese language is very accessible for an English speaker. By learning Japanese with a Japanese tutor, you will note quick results!

Yes, but at what price ? How much does a Japanese lesson cost? Is it affordable?

Here are some tips to reduce the bill!

Japanese Teachers Don't Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

Do you want to join the 128 million Japanese speakers in the world today by mastering the 9th most spoken language worldwide?

Maybe it's time to opt for the private Japanese tutoring option! Very few schools today offer Japanese classes that are integrated into the "classical" school curriculum.

To learn to speak Japanese, it is almost always essential to call on a Japanese tutor in order to progress quickly.

And why wouldn't you want to know this funky language? There are loads of benefits of learning Japanese, for example in the world of business.

Japanese consumers spend 100s of billions of dollars each year on consumer goods and services like food, clothing, travel, and entertainment. The typical household has over $100,000 in savings and a disposable monthly income of $3,800. With all of that cash to spend, it is perhaps not surprising that just under half of Japan's top 15 trading partners are found outside of Europe.

Being able to communicate with potential customers in their own language is key to winning their business. In addition, when you learn Japanese, you become not only proficient in the language but also gain an insider view of the culture. Understanding the Japanese work ethic, their business etiquette, and knowing which cultural faux pas to avoid can often make or break an important business deal.

Japanese tutors can teach you about life in Japan
Let Superprof help you to find that teacher you really need to teach you the Japanese zen and language!

A private tutor is very expensive, is it not?

There is something for every budget, but you're in luck as in-home language tutoring is the cheapest of all the other private lessons!

There are so many great tutors available all year round on Superprof.

Are you a student on a small budget? No problem, Japanese tutoring is accessible to all!

Here are some numbers to convince you. In 2016, on the Superprof website:

  • The average cost of a tutoring session (for all subjects) is: £19 (€21, $25 USD, $32 CAD, $33 AUD)
  • The average cost of an in-home foreign language tutoring session is: £17 (€19, $23 USD, $30 CAD, $31 AUD)
  • The average cost of a Japanese language tutoring session was: £16 (€19, $22 USD, $28 CAD, $29 AUD)

So, how do I find Japanese lessons near me, you ask? Search on Superprof!

Learning the Japanese language with Superprof is really within everyone's reach.

There are so many lessons, and you'll be happy to learn that Japanese lessons are amongst the cheapest.

Ready to embark on the adventure?

What's the Rate for a Japanese Tutoring Session?

You undoubtedly want to have confidence in what you are taught in order to improve your proficiency in Nihongo, as the Japanese refer to it. All beginners who are learning basic Japanese need to enjoy developing their language skills, and speaking Japanese. But they also need to keep an eye on their budget as the process of becoming fluent in Japanese for a new learner is a long one.

Do you want to take cheap Japanese classes?

Searching on google where to take japanese lessons online or face to face raises more question than it gives answers. You're better off searching 'japanese lessons london', for example.

As a first step, quickly forget about flashy offers that promise you "free Japanese classes" or "learn Japanese in 90 days! ".

To this date there is no miracle recipe for learning Japanese. Work, time, and practice will always be on the agenda!

You can find Japanese courses at different prices, whether it be on the internet, via private tutoring agencies, specialized organizations, and online platforms. There is something for every budget, and every style of learning. Japanese learning is no longer just about using textbooks in a classroom.

Use the internet to find out how much an average Japanese lesson costs
In order to find the best rates possible you have to do a little research for yourself...

Japanese Classes: Private and Specialized Organizations

If you want, to start with, you can learn the Japanese language with private tutoring agencies. These organizations are known for their supervision and the seriousness of their teachers.

However, you may feel like they are too expensive. Once the registration fee has been paid, a commission fee will be charged for each tutoring hour. This drastically increases the price of your Japanese learning.

Because the Japanese language is increasingly in demand, several organizations specializing in learning Japanese have emerged major cities across the world.

However, these classes are most often collective lessons and there is no individual follow up.

Perhaps this is not the best method if you are preparing for a test in Japanese, such as the JLPT, due to the lack of tailoring to your needs that it incurs.

Learn Japanese Online

There is another solution: choose your private Japanese tutor on an online tutoring platform. 

At present, these platforms offer the most competitive rates. On Superprof, you can browse many Japanese tutor profiles in a few minutes. If you follow our advice for choosing a Japanese tutor, you should be able to find one that meets your criteria without even breaking a sweat.

We have already discussed the average cost of a tutoring session, but you should also know that the first hour of lessons is often free (although this entirely depends on each individual tutor).

It's up to you to make the right choice according to your budget!

Why Does the Prices of Japanese Lessons Vary According to the Geographical Region?

Just like the price of rent for apartments depends on where you live, prices for Japanese classes vary.

Japanese language classes are the most expensive in big cities. This is often because there tends to be more demand than there are tutors, but also travel costs to reach the lesson are higher, as well as general living costs.

Students in slightly smaller cities will be delighted that prices tend to decrease as the city size goes down. You will therefore see a difference in the cost of Japanese tutoring between cities such as New York, London, Toronto, and Sydney, and smaller cities within the same country.

A Native Bilingual Japanese Tutor Has More Experience and Therefore Gets Payed More!

Every student has their own expectations  and motivations for learning a new language. Here are our top 5 according regarding Japanese:

  1. Learn Japanese notions by watching Naruto in VO,
  2. Develop professional skills before going to work in Japan
  3. Revising Japanese grammar in order to prepare a test or aptitude test,
  4. Working on listening comprehension and pronunciation to prepare for a trip to Japan,
  5. Understanding Japanese culture, etc.

According to each student's individual needs, they will have to choose the tutor who corresponds best.

But which one will do? A native Japanese tutor, an experienced bilingual tutor, a graduate student?

Japanese tutors can often help you understand Japanese culture before you visit the country
Are you going to work in Japan? Have a native tutor help you with the basics of the Japanese language and culture.

It all depends on your linguistic level...

If you are a beginner, focus on hiring a Japanese language student who can teach you Japanese language basics.

Know that students offer the lowest rates for tutoring.

If you want to know everything about Japanese culture and its mysteries, it might be wiser to choose to learn Japanese with a manga expert who can--in addition to his or her cultural knowledge--make you easily progress with pronunciation and the ability to read and write using the complex Japanese writing system (about 5,000 signs).

Geisha art and Hanami (a celebration of the cherry blossom) will no longer hold any mystery! Take an interest in Japan's history if you are planning a language study trip to Tokyo, for example.

If you are preparing to take a Japanese exam, bilingual teachers who have graduated and have several years of experience will be better able to accompany you on this journey as they will often have experience of taking similar Japanese tests.

Do keep in mind that long stays in Japan and diplomas come at a price!

Reduce What You Spend on Japanese Tutors with Online Tutoring via Webcam

Everyone is looking for the best way to learn Japanese. And for those of you who like the idea of learning with a tutor, you will therefore be pleased to know that Japanese tutoring is not just about in-home lessons. Tutors can offer their services in different ways.

Tutoring sessions via a webcam will reduce the costs of Japanese training.

Thanks to the internet, with a simple wi-fi connection you will be on your way!

You can be even more flexible with Japanese classes via webcam
A Japanese class at 9 PM--what do you think?

On Superprof and elsewhere, you will see many teachers offering classes remotely using their webcam--via Skype most of the time. This is ideal when you want to revise the Japanese language but you already have a busy schedule.

It truly is one of the best ways to take cheap Japanese lessons!

We all know that time is money, right?

Thanks to Japanese lessons via webcam, you will save a lot of time: no more traveling to and from your language lessons! That means fewer trips, which means more time to study Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and the Japanese alphabet!

This means that you can theoretically find a tutor anywhere in the world and benefit from potentially cheaper rate.

Taking a course via webcam is very advantageous because:

  • There are no more geographical constraints,
  • You have flexibility when it comes to schedules,
  • You can customize your courses,
  • Less expensive training, etc.

Be careful though, courses via webcam are very different from an in-home course that offers total support. You will need to be more autonomous and organized.

In summary, if you would like to learn Japanese vocabulary, Japanese calligraphy, or Japanese writing without paying too much:

  • Privilege the platforms that connect tutors and students so that you are totally free to choose the tutor who is right for you.
  • Opt for a private tutor who has the profile which most suits your needs (Japanese natives, bilingual tutors, or students).
  • Do not limit yourself to geographic research: many private tutors can offer their services remotely using communication tools such as Skype.

Good luck in your research: Ganbatte!

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