Huge numbers of people come across the world to the UK with the sole purpose of practising their English language skills. People come just to improve their conversational communication skills and their general English proficiency. They come to develop their speaking and listening and to get a little taste of British culture.

And, by the way, they’ll always be very welcome.

Meanwhile, there’s a different type of student who comes with the specific intention of learning English to develop their business prospects. With a basic fluency and knowledge of the grammar of English, they come instead to learn about the specific language features and skills that are required in the workplace.

And we think these people like you are awesome too.

The UK is a great place to study business English – literally the whole of the UK. Because from the most famous of British cities – London, obviously – to the beauty of Scotland, the UK is an incredibly welcoming and fun place to study.

By the end of your business English course, not only will you have made new friends. You’ll be perfectly ready to thrive in the international world of business too. We’re very excited that you have made this decision!

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Everything you need for business English

Why Learn Business English?

The question, why learn business English?, is a common one in the general landscape of English language learning. And this is because it is a question that makes an awful lot of sense: why, if your English skills are good enough, do you need to take a course that’s specifically on business?

The answer, really, is a simple one: all businesspeople should probably take a course in business English – not just those who are non-native speakers!

This is because the vocabulary and idioms of the business world are quite a lot different to what English speakers speak in everyday life. And, in order to be understood – and to present yourself in a way that is convincing as a businessperson – it is worth being comfortable with the business vocabulary.

You can learn more about business English vocabulary here.

In business language courses, you won’t just be covering the basic elements of English pronunciation and English grammar, the writing skills, speaking skills, and listening skills. No. You will rather be looking at presentation skills, negotiations, persuasion and people management too. It ain’t just about your brute English speaking.

As we said, all businesspeople – even those that speak English already – could well benefit from these courses themselves. So, by doing a course in business English, you may well put yourself ahead of the pack.

Let’s have a look where you can find business English courses – all across the UK. And then find out where you can find the business English resources to learn in your own time too!

Business English Courses in London

Londoners tend to think that London is England. And, with all of the country’s major institution – and the large part of its wealth too – it sort of makes sense why they might think that.

The city as a whole is literally bursting at the seams with English language schools. So, if you are looking for business English courses in London, you won’t be too hard-pressed to find one.

Learn Business and Professional English at the London School of English.

One of your best options to consider would be the London School of English, an institution that has been teaching English as a second language for over a hundred years. They have two centres in London – in Holland Park and Stamford Brook.

They have a huge number of courses on offer, from intonation and accent training to intercultural work, as well as flexible courses for all business professionals.

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Outside of the classroom, keep on learning!

Develop Your Business English at St George International, London

Not quite as ancient as the London School of English, St George International has been going for a fair while too. They’re located just down the road from Holborn tube station.

With mini-groups, individual training, and conventional classroom-sized English training, there are plenty of options for you. Meanwhile, they make sure that all of your practise conversations and exercises are al relevant to the business context.

Business English across the Rest of England

As everyone in the UK holds very strongly, London is not England, however. The world beyond the M25 is quite a different world that runs at a quite considerably different pace.

Whilst we can’t cover all of the different options available across the rest of England, we’ll focus here on those language skills that work from lots of different locations. Hopefully, you’ll find the school that works best for you.

Anywhere in the UK, Head to a CES School for Business English

CES – or Centre for English Studies – runs in cities across the UK and Ireland, including Leeds, Harrogate, Worthing, Oxford and Dublin. Whilst the majority of their work is in general ESL teaching – or even TEFL training – their business English courses are bang on too.

You can in fact combine standard English courses with the supplementary business training taking place in the afternoon. This is a combination that works well for many.

Check Out Inlingua for Professional English Training

Inlingua are another English training centre that operates in multiple locations nationwide and internationally. You’ll find their centres in Cheltenham and Edinburgh – however, they operate more widely than this.

One of the great things inlingua do is to come to your workplace to give language training. This allows for an intensive English program to take place in your own business environment.

Study Business English at the British Study Centres – across the UK

With centres in York, Manchester, Brighton, Oxford, and Dublin, the British Study Centres are up there with the most conveniently located language schools in the country.

Alongside exam preparation, general English, and wider activities, BSC offers rigorous business English training too.

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Sometimes learning a language is just about remembering that vocabulary

Scotland’s Best Business English Classes

Scotland sits at the northern end of the United Kingdom. Known for its breathtaking landscapes and its vibing, international cities, it is potentially the place to come for English language learning in the UK.

What’s more, it’s usually significantly cheaper than the big English cities – whilst the people are known to be nicer too. Ultimately, however, that’s your decision to be making.

Try ECS Scotland for Business English Practice

ECS Scotland are based near Charlotte Square in Edinburgh’s West End – making it convenient not just for people living in Edinburgh, but for those coming in by train too.

They offer courses in business English which run intensively across a week and which can be renewed weekly. Expect to be in classes for a good thirty hours a week.

You’ll be writing emails, picking up the phone, and negotiating deals – exactly what you want from business English.

Develop Your English for Academia and Business at the Scotland Study Centre

Specialising in academic and business English, the Scotland Study Centre is based in the very heart of the university area of Edinburgh.

They do a really good job of teaching both native speakers and learners of English as a second language. Their skills in business English are impressive, as they offer weekly workshops in which you can learn and practise how to write CVs, personal statements, and cover letters.

Business English in Wales and Northern Ireland

And not to forget Wales and Northern Ireland, you can find lots of opportunities for learning business English in the UK’s two smaller nations too.

You’ll find the two capitals to be wonderful places to live and learn – and the quality of English teaching will be very high indeed.

Practise Workplace English at the Celtic English Academy, Cardiff

Cardiff’s Celtic English Academy is a British Council-accredited language school in the heart of the capital of Wales. They specialise in English courses for adults, which specialise in those things you need to survive.

You’ll notice specific language training for medical professionals, as well as business English.

Try Belfast’s International House for Business English Lessons

Based on Belfast’s University Street, the International House is Belfast’s local instalment of the global institution. They offer CELTA training, English language training, and language classes for kids too.

Their business English class is one-to-one, meaning it is just you and your tutor. However, their emphasis is on hands on business material. You can even have a visit to a local business to help your immersion skills.

Private Business English Tuition – with Superprof

If none of these classes tickle your fancy, there is the option for private tuition in business English across the length and breadth of the UK.

Superprof has one of the largest communities of private tutors in the world, with over six thousand tutors available to teach you business English.

It’s the easy way to learn – either online or from the comfort of your home.

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