"The Chinese culture belongs not only to the Chinese but also to the whole world." -Hu Jintao

Intriguing aspects of Chinese culture has had a significant influence on the Western World; art, cuisine, fashion, and music. This is a result of the large population of Chinese people living abroad, far away from mainland China.

According to the most recent estimate conducted in 2012, there are over 50 million people of Chinese birth or descent who live outside the territories of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan with approximately 466,000 residing in the UK.

Therefore, since the Chinese have a major influence in many UK cities, many British citizens have considered the idea of learning Chinese for social or economic reasons and Londoners are no different. 

Superprof has done its research to outline the benefits of learning Chinese in the UK, the best language schools to Chinese Mandarin fluency, and fantastic online resources to find professionally working Mandarin Chinese educators in the Greater London area.

The Benefits of Learning Chinese

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Learning Chinese for travelling is a great idea to truly understand the culture and have meaningful conversations with the locals. (Source: pixabay)

The number of advantages of learning Chinese as a second language in today's world is overwhelming. Whether a learner decides to acquire the basics of Chinese for economic, political or social reasons, they are making a brilliant choice. There will always be an opportunity to speak Chinese and the years spent attaining proficiency will never be wasted.

Fun fact: one-fifth of the world's population speaks Mandarin Chinese as their mother tongue.

Without further adieu, Superprof will consider some of the best reasons or benefits of learning Chinese:

  • Working Abroad: since China has the world's second-largest economy by nominal GDP, and the largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity (PPP), learning Mandarin Chinese to work abroad and earn big bucks is a wise decision. The Chinese economy is always booming, and there are many opportunities to work overseas in a wide variety of professional sectors in China. It is important to note that working abroad at the same time as learning a new language is a rewarding experience that adds much to your life personally and professionally.
  • Ease of Travel: Mandarin Chinese is not only spoken in China. Many other countries in Asia have citizens who widely speak Mandarin as their mother tongue; some of those countries include the Philippines, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei. Therefore, being fluent in Mandarin makes travelling through the countries listed above relatively easy. Also, imagine the joy of talking to Mandarin speakers in their tongue in a foreign land they have recently immigrated to!
  • An Appealing Characteristic to Employers: in many countries, the UK included, the economy in recent years has been less than stellar; therefore, competition for the best jobs is fierce. Most employers favour applicants who speak a foreign language and those who require employees to speak a second language prefer either Spanish or Mandarin. Being able to communicate with foreign investors and high ranking officials who speak Mandarin from international companies is a tremendous asset. For example, many experts believe that Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, has been learning Mandarin Chinese as part of a business strategy to help his company thrive in China, a major economy on the world scene.

While the three previously mentioned reasons are highly significant motives for learning Mandarin Chinese, there are many more benefits of reviewing Mandarin that include a better understanding of Chinese culture and the possibility of attending courses at further education centres in China.

The Best Language Schools to Learn Mandarin Chinese in London

learning the basics of Chinese
Learning Chinese in the city of London is extremely accessible for Londoners by attending classes at language schools and with private tutors. (Source: pixabay)

London is the UK and Europe's largest city with over 14.1 million inhabitants living in the metro area. Due to its large size and diversity of work opportunities, London is home to many immigrants from different cultures and Chinese is no different.

According to the most recent census conducted in 2011, over 124,000 Chinese people were living in London and its surroundings.  

Therefore, since there is a significant population of Chinese people residing in London, it would be an excellent decision for Londoners to learn Chinese as a second language. Without further delay, the following are some of the best language schools in London to master the basics of Mandarin Chinese:

  • Practical Mandarin: a London-based Mandarin Chinese Language Centre where courses are offered to professionals and companies. The regular group classes run in small groups with intensive and interactive training from tutors. Students learn with excellent pronunciation and confidence to practically use Mandarin in everyday situations. According to recent reviews, students rave about the practicality of the course, the great teachers, and the friendly small group classes. Check out their website to find out more about the corporate bespoke programme and private tutoring.
  • Meridian Chinese Studies: founded by David Su Liqun, the inventor of the TDR teaching method; Meridian Chinese Studies has helped actors, businesspeople, government departments, and financial institutions to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese. There are many courses offered such as beginners courses, intermediate courses, advanced courses, calligraphy Chinese lessons, and tailored studies for individuals who want to pick up their studies from where they left off. Take a peek at their website to learn more about the courses and to read informative articles about learning Chinese and what is new on their recent posts.
  • Hutong School: mastering the basics of Mandarin Chinese can be done without even leaving London at the Hutong School. Some of the benefits of studying at this school include the facts that tailor-made classes are designed to meet your own specific goals, all the teachers are highly trained native Mandarin speakers, and that their innovative teaching methods get students to become fluent in Mandarin as soon as possible. Hutong School was founded ten years ago and has since then introduced over 5000 people to China and the Chinese language. Check out their website to learn more about the classes offered.

Since London is a major metropolis and Chinese is an increasingly important language on the world scene, there are many language institutes in the UK to grasp the basics of Mandarin Chinese and the previously mentioned schools are only three of the most highly recommended.

Chinese isn't only learnt in Beijing anymore!

If the choices mentioned above are not for you, surf the web for Chinese language courses in London and carefully examine all the language learning options available to find the one that best suits your learning needs.

The Best Online Resources to Find Chinese Tutors in the city of London

the best of China
Dumplings are an essential aspect of Chinese culture that keeps tourists going back year after year. (Source: pixabay)

Constant developments in modern-technology during the past few years has changed the way that complex academic disciplines and foreign languages are learned.

Acquiring fluency in the Chinese language can now be done without attending language schools at an institute and instead with the help of a private tutor in the comfort of your own home. 

Without further delay, the following are the best online resources or websites to find private Chinese instructors in London and its surroundings:

  • The Language Machine: an incredible site that specialises in connecting curious students with professional Chinese tutors in the Greater London area. Some appealing features of the website include pay as you go tuition, the option to choose between one-to-one or group tutoring, and the free 20-minute introductory lesson with the tutor of your choice. The Language Machine works hard to find professional Chinese tutors that are willing to travel to your home or office at the times and days most convenient to your schedule. Different types of Mandarin Chinese courses are offered such as General Chinese, Business Chinese, Holiday Chinese, Online Chinese, GCSE or A-Level Chinese, and Children Chinese courses. Visit their impressive website to learn essential information about their Mandarin Chinese language programmes,
  • Tutorful: a well-known tutoring site that offers remedial support in a wide variety of academic disciplines and foreign languages. According to their website, 39 Mandarin tutors are providing their services in the Greater London area. The tutors available on their site come highly recommended since they have repeat students, a significant number of classes taught, and glowing reviews from past students. Prices range from £20-80 per hour greatly depending on the experience and accreditations received by the tutors,
  • Superprof: an excellent online tutoring service According to the site, seven Mandarin instructors are offering private courses in the London area. Their hourly rates range from £16 to 35, and all of their profiles boast five-star reviews from past students. Tutorfair has been featured in Financial Times, The Times, the BBC, The Guardian, Yahoo! TV, and The Independent. Check out their informative site to learn more valuable information.

Learning to become fluent and improving your language skills in Mandarin Chinese, is extremely accessible to all Londoners mainly due to the vast diversity of language institutes and online resources offering classes. Start learning today to gain proficiency in the world's most spoken tongue!

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