When should you take private tutorials?

Are you worried that your children are going to struggle with their A Levels and not get in to university?

To give them the best possible chance, private tutoring is an important step towards academic success.

Generally, one on one academic support tutorials help students to organise their revision through learning how to work more effectively.

Use Private Tutorials to Prepare for A Levels and University

Are you struggling with algebra, calculus, geometry, or trigonometry? Or is it just maths in general? It might be time to enlist the help of a tutoring professional!

In home tutoring can help a child or a teenage learner to understand a theory or a law and put it into practice thanks to exercises done face-to-face with professional and skilled tutor. When it comes to test prep, one on one tutoring is a great idea.

Can I get private maths tuition before my exams?
Maths is a subject that's always in demand when it comes to private tutors. (Source: Lawrence University)

A weekly course with a home tutor may be enough for a minor struggle where as more in-depth catch-up tutorials may be required for students with major difficulties. Don't forget that online tutoring is also an option!

Getting Ready for A Levels with Academic Support

Depending on the type of A Level preparation, different approaches are necessary. Here are the three most common types of test preparation:

Private tuition

This is the most common way students are tutored. Parents find a tutor who will come to the student’s house and evaluate the student’s level in a given subject. The tutors then tailor the course to their students in order to better their understanding of the subject and to help them with their homework.

Are you struggling with Shakespeare? It might be time to hire an English tutor!

Are there private tutors available for young children?
Private tuition can begin at a young age with a big of homework help. (Source: Washington Post)

Progress is usually quicker with home tutoring than in class since the classes are personalised. Intensive support tutorials in the latter stages are also possible. They allow the student to catch up with their studies or do some last minute fine tuning for the big day.

Tutorials in a Small Group

This option allows students to work on several subjects at the same time. This type of academic tutoring generally takes place during the school holidays and is more like a support class. This option allows students to pull together as a group and to benefit from one another. The tutors who offer this service usually specialise in a number of subjects.

This option is also great for language students. Your French tutor could teach you a grammar point and some new vocabulary before letting you practice in a group!

A Levels Prep Course

These types of private classes usually take place during school holidays and half terms. This is when a group of students (usually no more than 10) can study a variety of different subjects in depth. The week-long course ends with students sitting a mock A Level exam on the Saturday. A preparation course can rout out any problems the students may have with the goal of perfecting a given subject in order to achieve a really high grade.

Tutoring companies like Superprof can put you in contact with students or qualified tutors offering individual tutorials or group tutorials (usually up to 4 to 5 students maximum for the latter). If you’re a group wanting to study a given subject, you can also search for a tutor that teaches groups so that you can spread the cost of the tutorials. Some tutors also give online group tutorials over webcam if you can’t travel very far.

Is there a specific age for having private tutorials? You're never too old for supplemental instruction!

Get Ready for a University Exam with Private Tutorials

Homework help and in-home tutorials are still useful after secondary school, especially if you’re studying a challenging subject at university. Here are some of the exams where private tutorials can give you a boost:

  • GCSEs

  • A Levels

  • University Exams

  • Masters Exams

  • Specialised exams, such as the BPTC or the LPC.

Why not make the most of your holidays by taking private tutorials to prepare for your exams?

When it comes to test taking, practice tests are a great way to study. Taking a practice test before you meet with your hourly tutor is a great way to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and see what topics you need to work on with your tutor.

Prepare for Language Tests with Private Tutorials

If you’re looking at studying abroad, mastering the language of the target country is a must. Usually you need to prove yourself in the foreign language by taking (and passing) a language test with the best score possible. With this in mind, language tutorials are really useful.

Take private tutorials with a native speaker of the language. What better way to practice speaking, writing, and listening to a language, than to study with a native speaker?

The qualifications vary by language. If you’d like to study in Germany, you usually need to pass a language test. There are several of them.

  • The TestDaf, advanced level exam, is available across 300 centres in 80 different countries.
  • The DSH, the university entrance exam, is obligatory if you don’t have an advanced level qualification.

You should also know that the Goethe offers 6 exams (Zertifikat) that are globally recognised. In order to better prepare for your exams, intensive German lessons will really help you gain the confidence and skills you need for the big day.

Nowadays, modern language skills are essential for any students looking to work at a big multinational company. After Mandarin Chinese and English, the third most widely spoken language in the world is Spanish. It’s a good alternative to German, Chinese, or Arabic, which tend to take longer to learn.

In order to prove your level in Spanish, you can take the DELE Exam. You can also opt for other Spanish language exams. For example, if you’re focusing on business and economic language, you should consider the Elyte exam.

Why not learn Italian? Knowing Italian could make you stand out in the job market. Here’s 5 Good Reasons to Learn Italian from Superprof. Once again, language tutorials with native speakers are an excellent way to master a language.

Get ready for your exams by having private tutorials during the week!

Private Tutorials to Improve Your Revision Techniques

Having in-home private tutorials or hiring an online tutor can help you improve the way you work. The best tutors are skilled educators. They’ll know the best way for you to work in order to work and revise as effectively as possible. Here are a few ways a private tutor can help you to work better:

  • Organising your time

  • Managing your tasks

  • Learning to take better notes and organise them

  • Creating revision sheets

  • Managing your revision schedule

How can I plan my revision?
Private tutors can also give students great revision techniques. (Source: ExamPal)

In short, private tutorials should be considered for anyone getting ready for an exam, whether it’s at secondary school or university.

If you are pressed for time, you should consider tutoring services in the evening!

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