It would only be natural to question whether learning online is more effective than traditional face to face learning.


Well, a major study published by the U.S. Department of Education has proven that students in online classes perform better, on average, than those receiving only face-to-face tuition. The study also found that a hybrid approach combining both online and classroom instruction was more effective than online or face-to-face teaching alone. This work has been backed up by studies at the University of Phoenix.

Phoenix say:

Not long ago, online education was perceived as suspect ― it was viewed, at best, as an inferior alternative to classroom education. Today, public opinion has shifted dramatically. “Online education is now being commonly accepted by universities through-out the nation” provost Adam Honea. He likens the “acceptance curve” of online learning to the increasing trust and reliance consumers have placed on the Internet over the years.  

It is believed that the pros of online learning accounts for its increasing acceptance in the UK. No doubt, online tutoring offers lots of benefits. Several researches point to that fact.

As an online homework help and online tutoring website, we would of course agree with studies that back up the understanding that online tutoring is effective. Our studies have proven that  kids much prefer to learn online – it suits their lifestyle. How much longer, I wonder, will it be before online learning becomes much more common-place in classrooms and at home in the UK.

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My belief is that online learning is gaining momentum quickly in the UK, and the prospects for online learning businesses like Superprof are bright. Here is why online learning is taking off in the UK.

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