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Studying for your Physics GCSE can be much easier when you have the right resources. With all those equations to remember, you need all the help you can get to prepare for your exams, but luckily, there are plenty of good resources available online.

1. The BBC’s GCSE Bitesize site is great for science revision, particularly if you are studying with AQA, Edexcel or OCR. The site has a section dedicated to each of these exam boards, so you can find the resources that cover the topics you are studying. The site can still be useful if you are sitting your exams with a different board, but you will need to make sure that you know which topics you have covered in class, so that you can avoid any sections that aren’t relevant to you. The site is full of notes, videos and quizzes to help you to study, and it is a great place to start your revision as it covers a broad range of science topics.

2. O2 Learn is another video based site that has plenty of physics related videos. You can watch and rate the videos online, and the site covers plenty of different topics that you will need to understand for your exams. Some of the material covers the theories that you need to know for your exams, but you can also find videos showing interesting experiments that can help you to understand concepts better.

3. PhysicsNet is another good, all round resource that explains all of the big concepts that you need to know at GCSE level. It is very clearly presented, so it is almost like reading another person’s notes on the subject, and there are links to videos that make some of the points clearer.

4. The Physics Classroom has tutorials on many of the topics that will appear in GCSE exams. The writing on this site can be a bit dense, but there is plenty of information here to help you understand difficult topics. This site is also particularly good at showing how the laws of physics work in everyday life, so if you are a practical thinker, you might find that these examples help you to understand physics better.

5. S-Cool has some useful science resources. You can read up on topics such as magnetism and electromagnetism, energy transfers and space, and then test yourself to see how much you have learned. The site will also give you some useful revision notes that you can use to review the topic.

6. GCSE Physics Ninja can help to guide you through your revision, helping you to develop your study skills, prepare flash cards, and plan a revision timetable as well as providing videos explaining some key topics that you will need to understand. The site is based around the AQA syllabus, but the tips it provides will still be useful if you are studying with a different exam board.

7. The CGP books website has some useful physics resources, including games that can test your understanding of the laws of motion and the difference between mass and weight. You can also see a preview of some of the sections from the CGP revision books, so you can get an idea of whether this would be a useful series for you.

8. NASA has some interesting educational resources that can be useful for revising topics such as the electromagnetic spectrum. It is aimed at students in the US, but many of the topics covered are relevant to UK students. If you want to try any of the activities, GCSE level is equivalent to about US grade 10.

9. The Science Channel has an interactive tool that can help you to learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion, which will be useful if you are revising this topic. The glossary is particularly useful as it defines many of the terms that you will need to know for your exams.

10.The BBC’s Science website has some interesting resources that could be particularly useful if you are studying space related topics in your GCSE syllabus, although the information here is not all designed for students, so some of it might not be relevant. It might still be interesting though, especially if you are considering continuing with your science studies.

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