Bet you never thought exams and homework could be funny, let alone cool? Well, I’m here to shatter your illusions as I count down my top ten moments in film history that put the myth to bed. Ok, I’ve stretched the meaning of homework out a little, but what is homework if not a part of learning?

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10) The Ron Clark Story (2006): Sickeningly upbeat rags to riches story staring Matthew ‘Chandler’ Perry as real life character Ron Clark who turned around a class of no hopers into the (spoiler alert) best performing class in school with his charismatic teaching style. A heart-clogging cheesefest, but worthy of a mention. See it here!

9) Exam (2009): Express √108 in the form a√3, where a is an integer…” Ever been flummoxed by an exam question so tough it seems carefully crafted to baffle your brain?! Well imagine an exam paper where you have to work out the question as well as the answer. ‘Nuff said. See it here!

8) The Art of Getting By (2011): Imagine facing this choice – being expelled or doing every piece of homework for the school year in double quick time (tough choice eh?) Well, that’s what happens to George (Freddie Highmore) after he decides everything is meaningless and gives up on homework. See it here!

7) Karate Kid 1 (1984): How many of us spent a large portion of our childhood waxing on, waxing off and practising the Crane?! Karate Kid’s homework is the coolest on the planet. And it’ll wash cars. See it here!

6) Cheats (2002): Four friends devise some ingenious and hilarious ways of cheating their way through high school exams in this film based on real life cheeky chappies. You might want to mark this one down as ‘research’… See it here!

5) Leon (1994): Mathilda’s rooftop homework takes the form of a sniping lesson in Luc Besson’s best film to date, featuring one of the meanest looking paintball guns known to man. Awesome. “Let’s practice – it’s the best way to learn.” See it here!

4) The Bad Teacher (2011): Every despairing teacher has had days where they wish they could write what they really think. A bit of escapism here for those at the end of their tether, imagine marking homework without having to tiptoe around using flowery language like ‘tried your best’ or ‘a good effort’ – check out the scene in the first half of this trailer. See it here! 

3) Star Wars (1977): The geek in me couldn’t overlook Luke Skywalker’s light-sabre training in on board the Millennium Falcon at the hands of Obi-Wan. Who wouldn’t want a go at that? The force is strong with this homework. See it here!

2) School of Rock (2003): Man, how cool would it be to get a homework assignment that rocks as much as this? Being handed a bunch of Led Zeppelin CD’s and told to go home and study would really make homework worthwhile. Should be compulsory. See it here!

1) Monty Python, Life of Brian (1979): One of my favourite all-time movie moments, Brian’s on the spot grammar lesson at the hands of the Roman Sentry is a timeless piece of cinema. “ROMANES EUNT DOMUS” See it here!

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