After your final exam the caffeine binging, sleepless nights, and stress is all over, right? Well this is true, up until about August when you realise results day is just around the corner. Sometimes the pressure of waiting for your results feels worst than actually sitting the exams.

Find out how to do your best in an exam and stay off procrastination.

Waiting for your exam results is stressful, there is no doubt. Here are my tips for keeping that pre-results day anxiety at bay.

  1. What is done is done – As much as you want to you can’t go back in time and change your answers. There is literally no point looking on ‘unofficial mark schemes’ or comparing answers. From personal experience it just makes your anxiety even worst.
  2. Be very careful of online forums – I use an online forum called The Student Room from time to time and it has been a useful resource. The results day threads are a no-go area,  reading how great or poor everyone thinks they have done just stresses you out.
  3. Keep yourself busy – Just try to keep your self distracted. Go get a job, go to the gym – there is plenty to do to keep yourself occupied.
  4. Talk about your worries – Talk to anyone, this can a friend, parent, neighbour or anyone you trust. Just don’t keep it bottled up. It is better to let your anxiety out slowly and at your own pace instead it being released spontaneously, finding yourself out of control.
  5. Write your fears down – Why not try the Jab We Met technique? Write down your fears down on paper, burn it, then flush it down the toilet. I know it seems odd but anything is worth a go!
  6. Get enough sleep – Sleeping is amazing because it looks after so much stuff like your mental health, physical health, and your quality of life. The average teenager should get about 9 hours and adults need roughly 7 – 8 hours sleep.
  7. Stay clear of alcohol to cope – This really won’t help. It’s not healthy plus you will probably end up doing something you will regret later on.
  8. Make 3 plans – First you should write down your best case scenario on results day and the options you have; write another plan, but for what you think is realistic, then an all out worst case scenario. You will find that there will still be plenty of options for you. No matter what happens – plan a reward, you got to look forward to something.
  9. Be positive – The big benefit  is it lowers stress, a pretty useful thing when it comes to results day. If you are struggling why not do something as simple as smiling? Now for a bit of science, when you smile a chemical called endorphine is released, the stress hormone Cortisol is reduced. So the more you smile the less stress stressed you become!
  10. Seek help from a professional if it gets too bad – If you think there is no where to go there are plenty of places to seek outside support like your GP, or if you don’t want to book an appointment Childline or Samaritans are just a phone call away.

I hope that you have found these tips useful. If you have any tips that you would like to share, please feel free to let us know about them via the comments section below.

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