"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." -Malcolm X

Do you have a passion for learning and an intense yearning to impart your knowledge with those around you? If so, a career in the field of education is destined for you.

Educators are the backbone of the National Education System since they always motivate their pupils to move forward, excel, and be better prepared for things in the world ahead of them. In all honesty, teachers are some of the essential citizens in society.

While it's all fine and dandy to talk about the indispensable need of classroom teachers, what about instructors who have ditched traditional ways and now conduct lessons virtually on a platform such as Skype or Zoom? Do they merit any consideration and double honour? Of course!

In today's article, we shall discuss tips, tricks, and specific advice about how professional teachers can make the transition and become sought after online tutors. Let's get started!

A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Becoming an Online Tutor

When making a career change and embarking on a brand new adventure, there are many things to keep in mind, and sometimes there are so many unique aspects to consider that a person becomes overwhelmed and gives up ultimately. Is that what we want for our new tutors? Not!

Superprof has the goal of aiding all interested ones to pursue their passion for education and become private tutors from the comfort of their own home. And, trust us, since the start of COVID, the world is in desperate need of qualified individuals to conduct virtual classes!

Therefore, we shall look at a homemade "do-it-yourself" set of instructions about how to become an online tutor.

Equipping Yourself With the Right Tools

Before any other decision can be made, an aspiring private tutor must equip themself with the following tools to ensure success and organisation:

  • An updated PC, Macbook, or desktop computer that features a webcam,
  • High-speed internet with a good broadband connection and excellent upload and download, 
  • Microphone headset, 
  • A desk or dedicated space to teach.

While all the previously mentioned tools are essential, an HD webcam and microphone headset are indispensable and cannot be missed. Also, having a quiet space with a comfortable chair, notepad, and whiteboard is a fantastic idea to feel like you are working whilst at home.

Choosing a Video Conferencing Platform

In today's digital age, there is no shortage of online resources that offer the option of video calling; which is a godsend fort first-time tutors. Nonetheless, choosing only one from the multitude of options that suits your needs is another story. Therefore, to help our aspiring virtual instructors, the following are a few video conferencing platforms that are sure to tickle your fancy:

  • Skype: synonymous with video calling, Skype has become an industry giant and, well, for good reason since it's easy to use and highly recommended for new tutors.
  • Zoom: one of the biggest surprises of 2020 is the extensive use of Zoom around the world. Being a Zoom user, I thoroughly enjoying the platform since its functions are brilliant for conducting lessons with one or more student(s).

Marketing Yourself

Now that you've got your equipment and chosen an app to conduct classes with, the next step is marketing yourself as a tutor. And, while many traditional or old-fashioned methods such as handing out flyers and posting adverts in newspapers are admirable, you need to be visible online to launch your tutoring career effectively.

Therefore, consider advertising on reputable sites such as Google and posting a classified ad on Gumtree and Freeads. 

However, to effectively market yourself and get clients ASAP, consider creating a profile on a tutoring website such as Superprof.

Getting Paid

Since virtual tutoring is conducting over the internet, you will get paid through an online payment service such as Paypal. Most large tutoring communities pay instructors once a month; however, that mainly depends on each company.

Also, it is uncommon to get a bank transfer which is more cost-effective since you don't have to pay fees per transaction. Nevertheless, some people do not want people to have their account information.

The Best Teaching Techniques for Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is very cost-effective and cheaper than most people would believe. (Source: Unsplash)

To become one of the best tutors working online yet based in the UK, a lot of advice from experienced sources must be taken into consideration to succeed.  Therefore, without any further delay, the following are some of the best techniques for online tutoring:

  • Perform a Pre-Assessment of Student: most of the time, a student cannot identify their academic strengths and weaknesses. Hence, a professional tutor performs short examinations and reviews core concepts with their pupil to determine what needs to be brought up in remedial classes.
  • Offer Guided Coaching: to effectively aid the student, personal instructors need to do more than ask yes or no questions. They need to go step-by-step through a problem and ask the student what they understand about the material in question.
  • Identify the Level of Knowledge: a brilliant tutor takes time to frequently measure the skillset of their student and determine if they should move faster or slower. Remember, a solid foundation must be laid before doing the tough stuff.

While we could go on and on about recommended tips for new tutors, the previously mentioned ones will start amateur educators off on the right foot!

Ensuring Child Safety

Since the majority of private tutors have children as students, all parties must take steps to ensure that an online classroom is secure and without danger.

While most parents feel comfortable letting their children complete one-on-one lessons with a private tutor, an online educator should conduct a DBS check to instil confidence with parents and potential employers. What is a DBS check? A DBS check is from the Disclosure and Barring Service in the UK and is usually a requirement for those working in sensitive areas such as schools and law enforcement agencies.

Although not required by law for online tutors in the United Kingdom, DBS checks are highly valued by large tutoring companies such as Superprof. 

The bottom is this: children learn the best in a safe and secure environment. And, in today's crazy world, parents do well to wonder who their young offspring is taking lessons with regularly. Get your DBS check today before starting with a new company or client!

Tips for Tutors: How to Become an Effective Online Tutor

It's difficult to soar and establish a client-base as a first-time online tutor without the application of tips and tricks that effectively hone skills and make every class a roaring success.

Therefore, after much research and examination, Superprof has found the following tips that will make even the most nervous tutors succeed:

  • Hone various education-based skills and be adaptable, 
  • Make yourself available to your students, 
  • Be professional at all times no matter how stressed you are,
  • Tailor all of your lessons to the specific needs of your students, 
  • Make lessons fun and engaging for all parties involved, 
  • Don't just tell them the answer, encourage critical thinking, 
  • Share past learning experiences with your pupil, 
  • Show and teach all the importance of organisation, 
  • Use recommended online resources, 
  • Market yourself on well-reviewed tutoring websites and communities.

By following all of the previously mentioned tips, there are doubts; you will be successful as a new tutor conducting virtual lessons. For more information about the tricks mentioned above, check out our complete article!

Using Skype for Online Tutoring: Have You Considered the Potential Risks Involved?

learning with Skype
While Skype is a fantastic app to use, there are some dangers to be aware to ensure cyber-safety. (Source: Unsplash)

In the wicked world that we are living in, it is sometimes hard to find a place that we feel 100% secure and safe. And, the internet is no exception; actually, it's currently one of the most dangerous places for people of all ages. Nonetheless, to effectively practice cyber-safety and have a positive experience, one must be aware of the potential dangers of virtual classes and how they can avoid them.

Therefore, when hosting or attending virtual lessons on the most popular videoconferencing apps, Skype, students and tutors must not be negligent. 

Although most tutors conducting lessons on Skype sincerely want to see you grow academically, some black sheep have ill intentions such as blackmail, stealing your bank account information, or online sexual accosting. However, there is great news: these horrible individuals can be stopped before any harm is experienced!

But how? By taking into consideration the following steps to ensure the cyber-safety of the most vulnerable groups such as  children:

  • Be aware and warn your child of potential risks and how to stop them,
  • Use a platform that records lessons and thankfully Skype does nowadays, 
  • Sit near your child during lessons to hear the conversation, 
  • Get to know the tutor ahead of time,
  • Use a trusted tutoring site such as Superprof. 

Our intention is not to discourage you from taking online lessons on Skype; we want everyone to keep learning! Instead, it is to ensure that both tutors and students are doing their best to keep the online classroom safe.

The Research Findings of Online Tutoring

studies and findings
Research statistics and academic studies have found that private online tutoring drastically helps students improve. (Source: Unsplash)

Are you ready to join the club? Or are you still on the fence about taking online tutoring classes? If so, we are here to convince you since virtual coaching is the way of the future!

Some of the best tutoring community websites, such as Superprof, boast over 12 million tutors from all the world conducting lessons in more than 1000 subjects that range from drawing to history and rock climbing to cooking.

The following are some of the most irrefutable reasons to hire a private tutor for online classes that have persuaded and satisfied millions of eager learners:

  • Cost-Effective,
  • Comfortable,
  • Personalised,
  • Flexible.

Also, not only is private tutoring a brilliant alternative to learn new concepts, but it boasts fantastic results that are scientifically proven by experts who have researched the benefits and potential disadvantages. For instance, in many cases, those who were receiving remedial support continuously received much better results than those who didn't.

Check out our fantastic article on the research findings of private tutoring to learn more!

In conclusion, we sincerely hope that the information in today's article has shown and prepared new tutors that an exciting and rewarding career is awaiting them.


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