It’s the source of our language, our words, phonetics and syntax. It’s the source of many foreign languages like French and Spanish and it's even the source of our history and societal structures. Latin is the language of governments and law, its influences can be found in most corners of our modern lives.

Although a ‘dead’ language, Latin is still widely taught and is an invaluable tool for learning about the structures of many languages spoken today.

And in London, you’ll find plenty of ways to learn and perfect your Latin.

Take Traditional Latin Classes

Get support from your classmates
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If you want to learn Latin in a classic setting then taking Latin classes at a language school is for you. You’ll benefit from the knowledge of a professional teacher as well as working in a group of other like-minded students.

This method is great if you need extra support, your fellow students are in the same boat as you and so will encourage your learning. If you’re struggling you can arrange revision sessions with your classmates or maybe they can explain something to you in a different way which you’ll find easier to understand. Learning with other people can make you feel part of a team and as if you’re working towards a common goal. This should encourage you and keep you motivated in your learning. You don’t want to let the team down!

City Literary Institute

Otherwise known as City Lit, the City Literary Institute offers courses ranging from complete beginners to advanced. You can take refresher classes or sign up to a full course. Courses are held in Covent Garden and are reasonably priced.

Listen and Learn

With Listen and Learn, you can choose to study individually or in groups. Group sizes range from 6 to 8 and you can sign up to a group or if you want to learn with a group of friends you can sign up together to have your own teacher.

You may think about taking Latin in school...

Meet Other Latin Enthusiasts

Meet people who are passionate about Latin through the Classical Association which organises events and meetups in London.

Not only will you learn more about the language you’ll be able to exchange with others and practice your Latin speaking! While the association doesn’t have teachers available you’ll meet plenty of people who can give you tips on learning the language.

Be prepared! Know what to expect from your first Latin lesson...

Find a Personal Tutor in London

If you prefer to work at your own rhythm try lessons with a personal tutor.  This way your classes will be completely suited to you and your goals.

You’ll find plenty of tutors offering classes in London. Of course, you can go the old school route and check out the classifieds in the paper or the notice board at your local supermarket, or you can get yourself online to look for the perfect tutor.

Superprof - N°1 

We’re not just blowing our own trumpet, the figures speak for themselves; with nearly 350 Latin tutors, teaching via webcam or face to face, Superprof is the leading platform for finding personal classes.

With easy access to well-referenced, trustworthy teachers, Superprof has managed to alleviate the stress from finding a personal tutor to make sure you get your money’s worth.

MOOCs, a great source for students

MOOC is a goldmine of information with a wide range of courses on anything you could think of including, of course, Latin! With a MOOC you have access to Latin courses whatever your level. Once you have signed up and detailed your needs, you’ll be sent a list of teachers and courses that you can follow.

The advantage of this site is that you can find the right teacher and course for you specifically suited to your level. But be warned these courses rely on your hard work so be ready!

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Benefits of Learning with a Private Tutor

Learning with a private tutor can really boost your learning. While group lessons are great places to meet like-minded students private lessons are tailored to you and you will learn at your own pace rather than the pace of the rest of the group.

Private lessons are based on you and your goals so only take them if you’re ready to learn so you can get the most out of them.

Tailored to your needs

In group classes you might be struggling with a certain grammar point or finding a certain word hard to pronounce and your teacher probably won’t have the time to help each student with everything they’re struggling with.

This is when it benefits you to have a private tutor. They are there to help you as an individual, so they can help you grasp the harder grammar points and can correct you when you’re wrong.

Classes will be adapted to your specific goals. If you find something difficult you can spend more time on that and less time on other points that are easier for you.

Your teacher will get to know the best way for you to learn so they can adapt lessons to assure you reach your potential.

But remember having a personal tutor also means you have nowhere to hide! You’re the only student in the class so you better have done your homework!

Latin is difficult to learn so make sure you’re ready to put work in.

Confidence boost

Private lessons will also boost your confidence in your abilities.

You might find it hard to answer questions in front of others in a group class or maybe you’re not confident enough that you have the right answer.

A private tutor will help you with this. They are there just for you and so will know the best way to improve your confidence. You can do one on one conversations with them or repeat exercises until you are confident you know it.

If you don’t understand something tell them straight away, they’ll help you work it out and you can go on to the next topic confident in your abilities!

It’s Easy to Learn Latin in London

Living in London you've got access to all of these ways to learn Latin.  Whether you find free classes, or you pay for a personal tutor, you’re in the best place to improve your understanding of the language.

Latin is more integrated into our daily lives than you might think. It's the language of governments, of law and of theology. It even provides the roots of modern sciences with many of the elements of the periodic table coming from Latin words. Latin provides the foundations for our own language too. You can improve your vocabulary in English by learning Latin!

The benefits of learning Latin are endless. It is part of our history and has shaped nearly everything we know today, by studying it you’re doing your bit to keep the language alive!

Now follow our tips for getting started learning Latin...

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