“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” - Anthony J. D'Angelo

It seems that this quote has resonated with a lot of people with the growth of the tutoring industry. The tutoring market in the UK is estimated at around £2bn per year and over 40% of pupils in London have had tutoring in some form or another.

So how do you get in on the action and where can you teach your tutorials?

In the fourth article in our series on teaching group tutorials, we’re looking at where you can teach group tutorials and which are best places to teach group tutorials.

Places for Different Types of Teachers

Let’s make it clear that tutors offering group classes can rarely teach at a student’s house. You probably can’t ask a single family to play host to several students and turn their living room into a classroom...

Which are the best places to teach groups of students?
If you can't teach students at your own home, you'll need to find somewhere else. (Source: StockSnap)

So where can you teach private group tutorials?

There’s no reason a tutor can’t turn a room in their house into a classroom. That said, it might be difficult to welcome a group of primary school or secondary school students into your home.

This is sometimes a concern for parents as their children are minors and they’re not always keen to leave them with a stranger in their home. Another disadvantage is that you’ll need to register as self-employed with HMRC, produce invoices, do your taxes, work out your rates, and all the other tasks that come with working for yourself. Of course, you can always hire an accountant to help you with this but this comes at a cost.

You can also work as a salaried employee of a company offering private tutorials if you don’t really fancy all of this stuff.

In short, This all means that if you want to teach weekly private tutorials which can’t take place at the students’ homes, you’re going to need to find a dedicated space.

Can You Teach Private Group Tutorials Outdoors?

A child’s academic success is at the heart of many parents’ concerns.

Where can you teach fitness classes?
There are few places better than the beach for a yoga session. (Source: Pexels)

With students failing certain subjects and having to resit exams, the number of private tutorials taking place in the UK is growing. The place these lessons take place will vary depending on the type of lesson and the subject being taught. Since most group classes won’t have more than 10 students in them, it means it’s easier to have classes outside.

What’s better than getting some fresh air?

Some subjects work perfectly with outdoor private tutorials, others not so much. Lessons such as sports, yoga, and fitness tutorials can take place in parks, at the beach, or in a forest, etc. On the other hand, it’s quite tricky to study Pythagoras’ theorem on the beach.

Isn’t it?

Scientific and literary subjects tend to require resources like textbooks and worksheets and need a calm working environment.

For private tutors teaching English literature or maths, physics, chemistry, or biology, for example, you’ll probably want to stay indoors. It's quite difficult to find a mathematics tutor who offers geometry, algebra, or calculus tutorials in the park.

Our tutors on Superprof are available to teach groups. Foreign language classes are the most common lessons that can take place anywhere. Teaching outdoors is great if you're a French tutor, for example! Whether you’re learning French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc., you can get your lesson in a classroom, a park, public gardens, or in a café or bar. Meeting in a small group allows linguistic immersion between students as they chat in their new language and increase their level in it.

Teaching private group classes outdoors can be really effective for certain subjects like language, sports, and fitness tutorials. When it comes to group classes, you could also consider taking sports classes to gyms and sports halls.

For a coach with a few students for a couple of hours, these are a great option. If you’re a coach or fitness instructor, there are plenty of clubs and groups all over the country. The advantage of these places is that many of them already have the necessary equipment, meaning that the tutors and students don’t have to pay for them.

The bigger the city, the more places you can start working at.

Find online teaching jobs here.

Teaching in Tutoring Agency Buildings

From primary school to university, many students need help catching up in order to get the best grades at GCSE, A Level, or in their degree.

How do you get a job with tutoring agencies?
It's hardly surprising that classrooms are among the most popular places to teach. (Source: weisanjiang)

The main goal of many group tutorials is to provide struggling students with regular tuition in order to go back over topics they mightn’t have understood in class or need more time getting to grips with.

Students can enjoy intensive lessons during the school holidays to catch up or get ahead of their studies. There are a number of companies that offering tutoring services. This is one of the most common routes for experienced teachers wanting to teach group classes.


Because there are a number of advantages to teaching in this way:

  • Having a classroom available
  • Being an employee with a regular salary rather than a self-employed freelance teacher
  • Tutors save time on planning by planning one hour for multiple students
  • Since there are multiple students, you can always mix things up if they are progressing as anticipated.

Of course, to start working at one of these companies, you’ll have to apply, have an interview, a test of your skills. You’ll also need to have an understanding of both the subject you teach and the appropriate teaching methods to teach it.

Discover where else you could host private tutorials...

Can You Teach Private Tutorials in Libraries?

Where can you teach private tutorials other than at tutoring agencies and companies?

Can you teach tutorials in libraries?
Modern libraries have study spaces you can use for your lessons. (Source: jarmoluk)

Libraries are a goldmine for teaching as they’re full of educational resources. This is why you’ll find a lot of students in the library during the exam period. Certain libraries actually have private rooms for people to work together where you won’t have to whisper. Find out more about local universities and public libraries that you may be able to use.

Generally, public libraries are open at similar times to other businesses, often opening between 8:30 and 9:00 in the morning and closing around 18:00. Of course, make sure you pick up a library card so you can borrow the books for preparing your tutorials.

Don't forget that there are plenty of different types of private tutoring. A private tutor can offer online tutoring via webcam, one on one tutoring in your home or at the student's home, exam prep, homework help, academic tutoring for students who are struggling, and even help with home tutoring for other skills. If you can learn it, you can get tutorials in it.

The most common type of tutoring is one-on-one tutoring where the tutorials take place with one tutor and one student. These are the most popular option and also the most expensive. Students pay for the privilege of having a teacher's undivided attention, lessons tailored to them, and regular assistant in their studies.

Tutors can also offer online tutoring whereby the student is taught using video conferencing software such as Skype. These lessons are usually more affordable as the tutor doesn't have to travel to the student's house and this saving is passed on the student. These types of lessons are better for academic subjects than they are sports and music. However, that doesn't mean you can't get webcam tutorials in almost any subject.

Finally, group tutorials are a good compromise as they offer a saving for students and increased earning for the tutor who has to plan fewer lessons per student. As you'll have understood, though, you'll have to spend more time planning that you would for an individual tutorial as you need to make more students' needs into account and carefully organise somewhere where you can all get to in order to get the most out of each tutorial.

If you'd like to become a tutor, you can create a profile on Superprof. All you have to do is say what subject you want to provide tutoring in, where you live if you're looking for tutoring jobs in your area, or choose to become an online tutor. Students who want to find a tutor just have to search for the subject and where they are and they'll be presented with the best tutors on the platform!

And then, all you need to do is set your rates for private tutoring...

So why not join the growing number of tutors on the platform?

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