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I have to write a short essay that includes reference to at least 3 modern designers, give a brief discription of his/her life and their design/work, and discuss how i think their work has influenced present day designs. anyone know of any i could include please?.....thanks

First of all, I'm guessing this is for an interior design, I can give you a little help since I do Graphic Design. Right so firstly I would define Design from your perspective, give examples of what makes good and bad design, remember to compare to art and show how design has purpose and is made to be effective. Next take a look at classical designs, read up on the literature of modern designers to see where they draw inspiration from. A lot of the stuff you read will help you figure out exactly what kind of designers influenced modern designers. A few of what I think are "Modern design styles": Minimalist, Tuscan, Art Deco, Industrial Now compare them to these, the classical, and how the following influenced the modern: Victorian, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Colonial, Federal Style, Queen Anne, Georgian, Empire
09 July 2012
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