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What does this quote mean “monsters are disfigured versions of ourselves”. From the article Why Modern monster have Become so Alien to us.

This could refer to the notion that our character and our actions can be seen as evil and likened to monsters. Monsters are usually thought to be scary, grotesque looking and unpleasant, this supports the idea that internally we are just like these horrible creatures. ‘Disfigured’ refers to to the outward appearance, we as humans may be beautiful to look at but our hearts and characters are flawed.
Safiya A.
08 December 2018
Monsters are creatures that are large, ugly and frightening. Figuratively, a mean, ill-mannered person may also be labelled as a monster. The quote explains that each of us is a monster in him or herself and that bad side could come out anywhere. So the monsters that we fear or hate, are nothing but vandalized types of our own selves.
10 December 2018
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