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middle english... help me.

This is a recipe from medieval book. It is written in middle english, so very hard to understand. Please, help me.


Take Goseberries, and perboyle them in white Claret wine, or Strong Ale, and withall boyle a little white bread: then take them up & draw them through a strainer as thicke as you can with the yolkes of five eggs, then season it up with Sugar, and half a dish of Butter, and so bake it.

(Well some of it is in a form of late middle English lol)Take the gooseberries and boil them until they go soft in a white claret wine, or a strong ale. Then adding some white bread, boil some more and then put the mixture through a strainer as thickly as possible. Add the yolks of five eggs and season with some sugar & lastly bake with half a dish of butter.
Mark C.
20 October 2018
Hey Yuhki, you have a rough translation below, though it's skipping past some of the words. Perhaps the better thing to do would be to highlight which parts of the recipe you are confident with, and which you are less so, and then we could work on those more difficult parts of the recipe? 
David H.
05 November 2018
Take Gooseberries and boil them thoroughly in pre-heated wine or strong ale along with a little amount of white bread. After boiling, strain them and beat five egg yolks. Season it with sugar and half a dish of butter and put it in the oven for baking.Hope it helps
10 December 2018
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