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Who said: 'I awoke one morning and found myself famous'?

It was thought that in this poem he described himself; but he said, “I would not for the world be a man like my hero.”

Hi,This is a famous quote by Lord George Gordon Byron. This quote came about as the first printing of his poem "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" sold out in three days.Regards,Mihir M. 
Mihir M.
01 August 2017
Lord Byron (George Gordon, seventh Baron) wrote these words after his first literary success: the publication of Cantos I and II of his epic poem "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" in 1812
03 August 2017
thank you:)
04 August 2017
The speaker of Lord Byron's poem, Childe Harold. The speaker is interpreted as being a proxy of Byron.
Tom H.
09 August 2017
This was said by Lord Byron
16 August 2017
This is the quotation Of Lord Byron on the publication of his childe Harlod's Pilgrimage in 1812
Yaseen Khan
18 August 2021
This is true about Lord Byron on his publication of childe Harlod's Pilgrimage in 1812.
Yaseen Khan
18 August 2021
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