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I need help finding pictures and a song for my photo essay PLEASE HELP?

Okay so after talking to my teacher for an entire class period she help me find a topic for my photo essay. The topic is about drugs ruining a family's life. I wanted it to start with a picture of a girl/guy happy in there teen years, then a picture of the person getting married, then a picture of the person with his/her husband/wife and kids, then like the person become introduced to drugs,then maybe some pictures of how the drugs take effect on the persons life like maybe some divorce papers and pictures of the person getting uglier and uglier due to drugs and then possible a picture of a rehab and the person coming out clean and better. The thing is it's hard to find pictures because it would be weird to have the pictures be of a whole bunch of different people. Also I need a song that helps to tell the story. I was going to use master of puppets by metalica but that's an 8 minute song and i want my project to be under 3 minutes. So can anyone help me figure out a way to do a photo essay on this topic?

Hi what about Pinks 'Perfect'? Its going to be hard not to use different people in your photos although you could perhaps photoshop some of them? If your essay is drugs related, you could try the rolling stones 'sister morphine',( and I don't expect you to have heard of that one:)) If you are doing your photoessay on i-movie you don't need too many photos for 3 minutes:)
11 September 2012
If you're concerned about pictures of different people making it too confusing, remember you can always shoot the photos yourself with some friends. That's guaranteed to impress the teacher as it shows you've planned exactly what you want. As for music, "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails is a classic drug-destruction song; it's been covered by Johnny Cash and Leona Lewis as well so you'd have a few styles to choose from.
12 September 2012
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