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going public

what is going public in finance?

It is the process by which a company becomes listed on a recognised stock exchange and hence traded publicly. Prior to "going public"  - a Private Ltd (Privately owned company) is not listed on the stock exchange and its owned strictly by its members
Alex N.
29 August 2017
To make things simple, going public means that anyone can now buy company's shares because the company is now in the stockmarket
Theodoros T.
02 September 2017
It means that a company is able to be traded by the general population in the stock market. Shares are made public.
10 September 2017
Going public means, company issuing shares or bonds to the general public to raise funds for its operations.
10 March 2018
Company does not necessarily become a public company but it floats - this means it lists shares on a public stock exchange.
Raveena D.
07 October 2018
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