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Re-mark advice

Hi. I consider asking for a re-mark for my last essay as I think that I was unfairly marked down. I would like a second opinion on my assignment and whether I have an argument for an appeal. Experience in OU mark-scheme would be appreciated.

It is always worth keeping the mark scheme with you when you are writing essays to make sure you are doing what you are asked.  If you feel that you have been under marked then speak to your tutor and ask for more detailed feedback on how you can improve.  If you want someone to look at your essay I am more than happy to do so.
23 April 2015
Hello,My I have a read of your essay? I would be able to tell you if your able to get it re-marked or not. I have a bachelor degree in classical history. So I think I maybe able to help you out and give you advice if you would like my help?
Mark K.
29 April 2015
It should depend on your exam board for example if you are with OCR you should get it re-marked it would most probably get marked up. Hope this helps.Jess
Jessica P.
10 December 2015
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