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What is the best technique for answering 24 mark/12mark exam questions (AQA ASHistory) ?

I am currently studying AS History (AQA -1B/2Q) and am struggling with the time management aspect.

I am not an AQA expert but from having a look at their papers, reading the specification and knowing other exams similar to this you should be dividing your time around about 20 minutes for the first question and 55 minutes on the second. Question 1 they really want you to find links between the reasons so make sure you spend at least 5 minutes planning this to ensure you can show how they are related.  Question 2 is about debating the two sides of the arguments and it is really important to try and get balance so again around 10 minutes planning.  You will be amazed at what you can write in a short time if you plan properly.Hope this helps a bit
Lucy S.
14 March 2015
I agree with what Lucy has said here. I think as well it's definitely a good move to tackle the largest questions first in the exam. Because they're work more marks, you want to ensure that your energies and time resources are focused on the parts of the exam that will yield the highest marks.Again, use the time management techniques that Lucy has mentioned to ensure you have sufficient time to answer the others.
Rich G.
22 April 2015
Just adding to the comments below, time management is going to be valuable, so perhaps working on some practice papers will help in this regard. In an exam setting, you don't want to be overly preoccupied with clock watching, so if you are well practiced in responding within the time frame, it will become more natural, allowing you to focus on what actually matters, the quality of the content of your response. 
David H.
05 November 2018
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