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pls help me with this business law case study

Andrew placed two advertisements in the newspapers.The first advertisement was a cash reward of $400.00 to anyone who could find his missing dog “Lucky”. “Lucky” is an English bulldog. Whoever finds the dog is to bring it to Andrew’s house for Andrew to confirm that the dog is “Lucky”. Andrew’s full address together with a photo of “Lucky” were included in the advertisement. It included the statement “Cash Reward on Delivery”. The advertisement was published on Monday.On Wednesday morning, Benny brought an English bulldog to Andrew’s house. When Andrew called “Lucky” the English bulldog ran towards Andrew and started to lick Andrew’s foot. Andrew told Benny that the dog looks like his pet “Lucky”. It also responded to the name “Lucky”. However, Andrew noticed that the dog was limping slightly due to an injured foot. Benny requested for the reward but Andrew refused to pay the full reward. Andrew wanted to deduct the cost of veterinarian from the reward.Advise Andrew on his legal rights and obligations in this situation

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Connor W.
22 March 2017
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