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I need help adding like terms

I am looking for a tutor to assist me in adding like terms for my Algebra class

Hi, there. I'd love to assist you
27 September 2016
Are you still looking for help?
Graham F.
27 September 2016
If you are still needing help, please feel free to contact me
Helen O.
27 September 2016
Hi, there. If you're still looking for a tutor, feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to help :)
Adam S.
29 September 2016
I can help you.Thanks,
29 September 2016
I am a professor of mathematics. You can book me for your algebra course.
01 October 2016
I have taught algebra, please feel free to contact me if you still need the help.
Abeer M.
01 October 2016
What do you need help with?
Belinda P.
01 October 2016
hi, i would be more than happy to help you with algebra, feel free to contact me
03 October 2016
Hi Magnacro, well done for taking the first step to look for help with your algebra problem! To add like terms, try to think of each letter (x, y) as different objects and visualise adding them together. For example: x + 2y + 2x. If we say x = cats and y = dogs. We can only combine all the cats together and all the dogs together. So, in this example, we would have 1 cat (x) + 2 more cats (2x) and 2 dogs (2y). So the final answer would be 3 cats and 2 dogs (3x +2y).I hope this helps, and please let me know if I can help you further!
Ryan N.
08 October 2016
Hi magnacro,To add like terms- try and understand following example-2X + 3Y + 4X − 5Y-- the like terms are 2X and 4X,  3Y  and −5Y.What do we do with like terms?  We add, or combine, them:2X + 3Y + 4X − 5Y = 6X − 2Y.That is, we add their coefficients(X, Y).  The order of the terms does not matter.I hope this helps. Please let me know If I can assist you further.
18 October 2016
Hello, Looking through the Q and A hub I found your message. Are you still looking for help in Maths? Kind regards, Stefanos
05 December 2016
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