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Opposite corners of squares

Ok so basically you have a 100 square and inside it you make a 2x2 square so then you times the opposite corners, 46x57, 47x56 then you take them away giving you a difference of 10. Now I need to find NxN and I'm just likee whaaaat! Help me!!

Is this for a coursework assignment? Anyway I'll be willing to help, get in touch with me and we can start a private session since it can take a while to explain and if it's coursework you might laso have other questions on the same topic.
24 September 2012
This was a popular piece of GCSE course work back in the 1990s which used rectangles. Initially you would increase the size of the rectangles and find patterns in their differences. You would then use the patterns to predict the difference for a different size rectangle. The final stage is to introduce Algebra instead of the numbers in the rectangles then prove that the answer would be the same for all rectangles of the same size no matter where they were in the grid. I would be happy to do a tutor session and show you how it all comes together.
Julie H.
26 September 2012
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