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Started secondary school

Need to supplement maths learning at school, just started secondary school , so ideally building towards Exams in a few years. Ideally looking for tutor to ingest , innovative ways in learning , keeping subject interesting .


Hi Tanya, I'd be happy to help.
18 September 2013
HiWhat sort of supplementary learning do you need? Repetition of things you've already learnt? Or support on things that you will be learning? I would be interested in supporting you but I need more information first. Emma
19 September 2013
I'd be happy to help you and applaud you for taking action now rather than leaving it until just before your exams in a few years time.  I will help you master the skills you need and build up your confidence.  I will also advise you on how to retain the knowledge and skills you learn with me to make sure they stick long term and you don't have to keep relearning the.  So just get in touch and we can take it from there.Dawn Marchant
10:13 on 20/09/13
20 September 2013
Hey my dear i can be perfect choice for you, i am innovative teacher, i will be teaching you math with different methodology in which you enjoy and learn math as well.I have the experience of teaching and i am also a student as well, i know how i have to teach such kind of subject.Give me opportunity to serve you, i hope you will accept my request.Sincerely 
20 September 2013
Hi Tanya,I would like to help you.I can provide good tuition to enable you to gain a better understanding of Maths with a view to achieving a high grade your exam pass.Elena
23 September 2013
Hi Tanya,A great time to start tutoring.Contact me for and we'll discuss free of charge if I'll be able to help you.
Dina S.
30 September 2013
Dear TanyaI have 4 Years of tutoring experience and have tutored students in maths from GCSE to A level. I have a unique style of teaching which allows the student to learn but at the same time not get bored of the subject. If you're interested in taking things further, just get in contact with me and we can discuss things in more details.Adam
01 October 2013
My son has just started his GCSE studies. I have helped him up to this stage. I m keen to help you. He is top of his class.
17 October 2013
I can help. My sin is a little older. I helped him.
17 October 2013
I can help you. I have taught around 300 students of your age during the past 4 years. I know how children of your age have problems understanding subjects and solving problems. If u want real help, and really want to be the topper of your class, then contact me.Cheers
18 October 2013
When you get stuck, go back to the beginning. Read ad re-read the instructions. Study with a friend. Maybe you could help them with a subject they feel they are weak on. Practice makesbperfect. Study aids on KS 3 will provide lots of examples.
22 October 2013
The best thing to remember is that maths is very repetitive. The more practice you do with questions and examples the easier the subject is to understand. If it gets boring then I an come up with random examples that you wouldnt think is maths, that is actually half the fun; when you realise that whatever you have been studying applies to situations you would not normally imagine. Still, if you have just started high school then dont take studying too seriously yet, wait until you have started second year
24 October 2013
I'm a young undergraduate myself, studying particle physics and love to keep things interesting and vibrant yet still productive.Maths is a subject in secondary school, where learning and practicing the basics will be enough. I can easily help you do this and keep on top of it and do it at a cheap rate, thus making it even better. Contact me and we can have a try and see what you think! :)
Rulank K.
27 October 2013
Hi Tanya,Maths is interesting, one should only know how to play with numbers. If you need assistance, feel free to contact and i can help yoy.
28 October 2013
Very proactive. Contact me if you need any help. I'm currently on a gap year, so I've just finished secondary school. There may be people more qualified than I am, but believe me someone who has recently been through the system is going to be far more useful.I have an A star in A-level Maths with an average of 97% across my A2 modules (C3, C4, S1). I really like to make sure that people have a fundamental understanding of whatever they're doing as it makes the student far more versatile in the exam. If you want in depth maths tutoring with some very useful exam tips, then let me know.
Miles L.
29 October 2013
Hi there..my son has just started secondary too and I know how much help he needs..I have to keep it related to things he is interested in..usually football or pocket money! let me know if I can help..we can keep it interesting and upbeat..I have a wide secondary knowledge and am a Primary teacher also..I have tutored many students and would love to help if I can..great to hear you are preparing yourself for exams early..the groundwork is sooo important..contact me if you need.. s x
Sharon B.
09 November 2013
Hi Tanya,Are you still looking for a tutor?Best wishes,Matt
Matt B.
24 December 2014
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