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what are the properties of sedimentary,igneous and metamorphic rock

Its around geology

Please can you guys hurry up because its do in tomorrow and I have to hand it in at a parents evening at my school
06 July 2011
Sorry that you didn't get an answer in this forum this evening. You can always connect with an online tutor, who can help - but there will be a charge for this.
06 July 2011
This is a vast question actually. There are several books on characters of one of these rock types.See, this classification of rock is based on the mode of formation  of the rocks.Igneous rocks are primary rocks and are formed by the crystallization of minerals from molten magma coming out of the interior of the earth(What you see at the volcanoes). When this material cools out, they form the glass like fine grained rock. These rocks can also be coarse grained, if they form at the interior by slow cooling.Sedimentary rocks are secondary rocks. They are formed by the hardening of the detrital materials eroded from previously present rocks. These rocks are formed at the sedimentary basins. These rocks may contain fossils(impressions of dead organisms) and can give us a glimpse of the past environment.Metamorphic rocks are transformed rocks. They are formed from sedimentary and igneous rocks. When these rocks are subjected to temperature and pressure under the earth, they transform into metamorphic rocks.
Gouri Sankar M.
26 July 2019
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