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Looking for a tutor, degree level to help with revision and essay planning

I'm currently doing a degree in Criminology!
20 November 2013
Hi, I saw your post. What specifically do you need help with, in terms of the topic area and essays ( dissertation or timed assessments?)Hope I can help, Lisa 
22 November 2013
Hi,I studied A Level Law and was tutored by a Solicitor, she gave me some great tips on essay planning; also, being at uni at the moment I'm continuously writ ing essays.I have summarised some tips below:1. Must include an introduction and conclusion and of course a main body2. Keep it concise and straight to the point3. Back up your points with relevant information4. Group relevant information together so maybe in one paragraph5. Try to link the paragraphs and make the essay flow Hope this helps :-)
18 December 2013
Hi Helen, please contact me if you need any further help. I have a master's in criminology.
19 January 2014
Hi,I can help you. Please have a look at my profile & contact me if you are still looking!Regards
25 January 2014
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